Posted by: jsuz2000 | June 8, 2013

Bulletin June 2013

Welcome to the June bulletin!

NOTE FROM KIM: It would be great if folks could send in pictures from the shows, any kind of pics, fun or otherwise, so they can be added to the site. Or even pics of their favorite birds at home! Everyone loves looking at pictures!

-Show results on the site have been updated to include the awards.

-For those who have not renewed their 2013-14 membership, this will be your last newsletter. Please send in your dues today.

-PLEASE submit your I.L.T. vaccination forms as soon as possible. Any chickens and related birds that will be shown this year must be vaccinated.

-Due to construction on the arena, the Pictou County-North Colchester Exhibition has announced it will be cancelling its event this year.

-The directors of the Eastern Kings Exhibition in Souris have announced they will be taking a one-year absence from the Island fair schedule.

***Minutes of meetings are included in mail-out version of the bulletin.

This concludes one of the longer newsletters that I have put together in some time. Seems to be lots to fit in this month. It has been a very busy time recently with the many hours spent working on the Spring Show. In the end, though, it is great to see us stage another great event.

If you notice on the first page of this newsletter, this is the last of the 30th volume. Yes, that means that I have put together thirty years of this monthly newsletter. I am proud to say in that period of time, I have been able to not miss a single month!

The summer fairs are not far off. I always enjoy this time as we get the chance to show off what we have along with the other livestock.

Don’t forget to submit your ILT forms as soon as possible if you have birds to be done. I look forward to visiting the various places in the upcoming weeks.

NOTE: the next meeting will be on September 2, 2013.

Trevor MacDonald,


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