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December 2017 Bulletin

Executive Committee

Brian Court, Ten Mile House – President

James Butler, Alliston – Vice President

Jeremy Ludyka, Cornwall – Secretary

Stephen Webster, Tarantum – Treasurer


Volume 34  Number 5                                                                                 December, 2017




The Royal Winter Fair poultry show was held on November 12, the last day of this year’s fair.  Entry numbers were down a little from last year, but still a good show was held.

The judges for this year’s Royal were Paul Homer, Fergus, Ont. (Standards), Trevor MacDonald, Murray River, P.E.I. (Bantams), John Robt. MacLeof, Scotsburn, N.S. (Waterfowl & Turkeys), and  Steve Webster. Tarantum, P.E.I. (Pigeons).

Below are the class results from the Island exhibitors.  However, it is worth noting that our Ontario members, Greg and Elana Oakes, had a number of top awards in the show as well.

Trevor MacDonald won Grand Champion Pigeon on a Blue Medium-Faced Helmet cock.  This was also the winner of the trophy of the best bird by a Maritime Exhibitor.  Trevor won Champion A.O.S.B on a Black Breasted Red Modern Game pullet.

As usual, a number of birds were brought back to the Island from the show.  Hopefully they will make it through the winter and appear at next year’s shows.

S T A N D A R D S: JERSEY GIANT:  2k, 2p Trevor MacDonald.  SILVER SPANGLED HAMBURG:  2k, 1p T. MacDonald.  A.O.V. HAMBURG:  1k, 1p T. MacDonald.  MODERN GAME:  2k, 1-BOB-p T. MacDonald.  B A N T A M S:   PARTRIDGE WYANDOTTE:  1h, 1k,1p Steve Webster.   FAVEROLLE:  1k, 1-BOB-lp S. Webster.  P I G E O N S:  HELMET:  1-BOB-c, 1h T. MacDonald.  ICE PIGEON:  1-BOB-c, 1h T. MacDonald.  KING:  1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald.  RACING HOMER:  1-BOB-c, 2h T. MacDonald.  WEST OF ENGLAND TUMBLER:  2,3c, 2,3h John Blaisdell.  A.O.V.:  1-BOB-h T. MacDonald.



May the Christmas Season

be wonderful to you and yours!






DECIDE HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO SPEND.  You should purchase the highest quality birds that you can afford.  It is better to purchase a smaller number of pairs of higher quality than a larger number of pairs of lower quality.  You should buy pigeons in pairs, unless you’re buying a very specific pigeon of a particular pedigree.

+If you’re buying pigeons for the purpose of racing, base your buying decision on performance before anything else.  This can include the performance of the specific pigeons you’re purchasing, the performance of the family line (i.e. Pedigree), or even for performance of the breed.

+If you’re buying the pigeons for show purposes, or you just want really cool pigeons, then you’ll want to base your buying decision on conformation.  For show purposes, judges pick winning pigeons based on a certain list of physical characteristics.

+Homing pigeons can cost up to several hundred dollars, depending on the pedigree and the breeder.

+Keep in mind that in addition to the cost of the pigeons, you must also pay the cost of shipping.  And because you’re shipping live animals, shipping can be quite expensive, depending on where you’re ordering them from.


BUILD A HOME FOR YOUR PIGEONS BEFORE THEY ARRIVE.  Your pigeons are going to need a place to live the minute they arrive at your door, so be prepared.  Pigeon homes are referred to as lofts and lofts can come in a variety of sizes and configurations.  You can build your own, hire someone to build one for you, or order one pre-made.  Each pair of pigeons should have 8-10 cubic feet of space inside the loft – so the space you have available for a loft might dictate the maximum number of pigeons you can have.

+Some of the most important things to remember about a loft is that it should protect your pigeons from predators (including the neighbourhood cat)m have both interior and exterior (protected) space for the birds, have an excellent ventilation system, and have additional space for feed and equipment (you don’t want to store this stuff outside).  If you’re breeding your pigeons, you will also need to separate out a space just for them and their eventual offspring.

+Pigeons lofts need to be located in an area somewhat free of aerial obstructions.  Remember, your pigeons fly, so wires, trees, lamp posts, etc., can be a distraction for your pigeons when you’re trying to train them.

+Racing pigeon lofts should be designed so the birds don’t spend a lot of time on the roof.  This means the roof should not be flat, if possible, and might need bird spikes to help deter your pigeons from landing.


LOCATE A BREEDER OR SELLER AND ORDER YOUR PIGEONS.  Pigeon breeders and sellers are located around the world.  If you’re concerned about the cost of shipping your pigeons, you’ll probably want to choose a breeder located as close to you as possible.  Otherwise, you will want to choose a breeder based on pigeon performance and pedigree.

+Most breeders band their pigeons when they’re young, so this is not something you’ll have to do once you receive your pigeon.

+Ask for recommendations from a local pigeon club if you’re unsure as to the reputation of the breeder.







February 17 – Young Bird Winter Classic Pigeon Show (Saint John, NB)

March 4 – NEXT MEETING (At the Winter Show, Kensington)


-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE:  T-shirts – $13.00 and Crests – $4.00.  Contact the secretary for items.  It is not too late to get some for Christmas gifts.


-In the event that a winter meeting should be cancelled due to poor weather, the cancellation will be announced over CFCY and Ocean 100 radio stations.  If you do not hear a cancellation on the radio and  think there is a possibility that a meeting may be cancelled, give the secretary a call, 394-7922.


-As you can see from the front page of this month’s newsletter, Island exhibitors had a good showing at the Royal.


-Members are reminded that helpers are needed to take care of the various tasks at the Spring Show.  Please offer to assist where you can.


-Another new show has been announced in the Maritimes.  This is a pigeon-only show which will be held in Saint John, NB.  There is information on line about it.  If you want to know more about it, contact Barry McPhee.  There will be a judge from Quebec placing the birds.  There will also be some discussion about forming a Maritime pigeon club.



Another year is coming to a close. It has been a busy year. We have had good shows. And we saw a new show this fall. I had the pleasure of showing at a number of shows and fairs this year. There were three shows which I exhibited at, but did not attend. Thanks to others, my birds were taken to these shows for me. I appreciate that.

I had the honour of judging the bantams at the Royal this year. It is always a pleasure to judge in Toronto. There were some very nice bantams shown. I made a Silver Sebright champion and a Black Cochin reserve.

May the joys and happiness of the Christmas season be with you!

Trevor MacDonald,


Merry Christmas to All!!!

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Bulletin November 2017


Executive Committee

Brian Court, Ten Mile House – President

James Butler, Alliston – Vice President

Jeremy Ludyka, Cornwall – Secretary

Stephen Webster, Tarantum – Treasurer


Volume 35  Number 5                                                                                              November, 2017




Maritime Poultry Meet, Bonshaw – October 8


S T A N D A R D S:  SILVER PENCILLED PLYMOUTH ROCK:  1-BOB-h, lp Meg Carroll-Andrews.  GOLDEN LACED WYANDOTTE:  1-BOB-k Jill Wood.  S.C. RHODE ISLAND RED:  1-BOB-h C S Poultry.  WHITE CHANTECLER:  1-BOB-c, 1,2,3p Azure Adams.  BLUE AUSTRALORP:  1p M. Carroll-Andrews.  BLACK AUSTRALORP:  1-BOB-2p M. Carroll-Andrews.  SPECKLED SUSSEX:  1c, 1-BOB-2,4h, 1k Willow Creek Poultry; 3h C S Poultry.  WHITE HAMBURG:  1-BOB-c, 1h Trevor MacDonald.  BLACK AMERAUCANA:  1-BOB-2p J. Wood.  BLUE AMERAUCANA:  1p Zachary Wood.  BLUE WHEATEN AMERAUCANA:  1k A. Adams.  BIRCHEN MODERN GAME:  1-BOB-k, lp Vance Foreman.  BLACK-RED OLD ENGLISH GAME:  1-BOB-h V. Foreman.  BROWN RED OLD ENGLISH GAME:  1p V. Foreman.  AYAM CEMANI:  1k, 1-BOB-2p Willow Creek Poultry.  EUSKAL ORLOA:  1c, 1-BOB-2p A. Adams.  B A N T A M S:

BROWN RED MODERN GAME:  1-BOB-c, 2h V. Foreman; 2c, 1,3,4h Jim Brimicombe.  BLACK OLD ENGLISH GAME:  1,2c V. Foreman; 1h Stephen Oulton.  BLUE WHEATEN OLD ENGLISH GAME:  1,2,3p Michelle Primeau.  SILVER DUCKWING OLD ENGLISH GAME:  1c, lp V. Foreman.  WHEATEN OLD ENGLISH GAME:  1h S. Oulton; 1,2,3p M. Primeau.  WHITE OLD ENGLISH GAME:  1c, 1-BOB-2h J. Brimicombe.  LIGHT BROWN DUTCH:  1c, 1-BOB-2h Norm Rushton.  BLACK TAILED WHITE JAPANESE:  1h Willow Creek Poultry.  GREY JAPANESE:  1c, 1h, 1k, 1-BOB-p T. MacDonald; 2c, 2h Colbie Miller.  S.C. WHITE LEGHORN:  1k, 2p S. Oulton; 2k, 1-BOB-p Willow Creek Poultry.  WHITE NAKED NECK:  1-BOB-c, 1h James Carson.  BARRED PLYMOUTH ROCK:  1,2p Ashley Lawrence.  WHITE PLYMOUTH ROCK:  1,3c, 2,3h A. Lawrence; 2c Addy Durley.1,4h, 1-BOB-2,3,4,5k J. Brimicombe.  S.C. RHODE ISLAND RED:  1h, 2,4,5k, 2,4p Willow Creek Poultry; 2h S. Oulton; 1-BOB-3k, 1,3p Ashley Lawrence; 5p T. MacDonald.  SILVER SPANGLED HAMBURG:  1c, 1h, 1,2k, 1-BOB-p T. MacDonald; 2c J. Brimicombe.  BLACK ROSECOMB:  1-BOB-c, lk, lp Lawrence Earle; 2c, 2h Robert Miller; 1h T. MacDonald.  BLACK WYANDOTTE:  1c, 1,2,3h A. Adams.  BLUE WYANDOTTE:  1c, 1h, 1p C S Poultry.  GOLDEN LACED WYANDOTTE:  1c, 1h, 1k, 1p C S Poultry.  PARTRIDGE WYANDOTTE:  1c, 1h C S Poultry.  SILVER LACED WYANDOTTE:  1c, 1-BOB-h Black Iron Poultry; 2c, 4h ?; 3c, 2h, 4p  C S Poultry; 3h, 3p M. Carroll-Andrews; 1k, 1,2p Willow Creek Poultry.  WHITE WYANDOTTE:  1c, 1h Black Iron Poultry; 2c, 1k, 1,2p C S Poultry.  DARK CORNISH:  1c, 1-BOB-2h, lk, lp J. Brimicombe.  BLACK MADAGASCAR GAME:  1-BOB-h, lk, lp J. Brimicombe.  BUFF BRAHMA:  1c, 1h, 1-BOB-k, 3p V. Foreman; 2k, 1,2p M. Carroll-Andrews; 4p S. Oulton.  MILLE FLEUR D’UCCLE:  1c, 1-BOB-h V. Foreman; 2,3h Dustin Keefe.  D U C K S:  ROUEN:  1-BOB-3om, 1ym, 1,2,3yf  Willow Creek Poultry; 2om, lof C S Poultry.  PEKIN:  1-BOB-om, lof D. Keefe.  BLUE MUSCOVY:  1om, 1-BOB-of John Robt. MacLeod.  WHITE MUSCOVY:  1ym, 1yf Willow Creek Poultry.  BUFF:  1ym, 1-BOB-yf L. Earle.  CAYUGA:  1-BOB-ym, 1yf Josiah Bushen; 2ym, 4yf Willow Creek Poultry; 3m4ym, 2,3yf V. Foreman.  KHAKI CAMPBELL:  1-BOB-ym, 1yf C S Poultry.  PENCILLED INDIAN RUNNER:  1om Katie McAloney.  WHITE INDIAN RUNNER:  1,2om, 1,2of, 1-BOB-2ym, 1,2yf M. Primeau.  BLUE FAWN CALL:  1-BOB-2om, 1,2of, 1,2ym, 1,2,3yf J. Carson.   GREY CALL:  1,4om, 1ym, 1yf J. Carson; 2om, 2.4of V. Forerman; 3om, 3of Blaine Taylor; 5om, 5of Willow Creek Poultry; 1of C S Poultry.  PASTEL CALL:  1,2of, 1,2yf J. Carson.  WHITE CALL:  lom, lof C S Poultry; 2om, 2of Zachary Wood; 1ym, 1yf D. Keefe.  G E E S E:  BROWN AFRICAN:  1-BOB-om V. Foreman.  EMBDEN:  1-BOB-om, lof Willow Creek Poultry; 2om, 2of Black Iron Poultry.  GREY TOULOUSE:  1,2,3om, 1-BOB-2,3of Willow Creek Poultry; 4of, 1yf N. Rushton.  BUFF:  1-BOB-om V. Foreman.  PILGRIM:  1-BOB-om, lof, 1,2,3yf V. Foreman.  SEBASTOPOL:  1ym, 1-BOB-yf A. Durley.  BROWN CHINESE:  1-BOB-om V. Foreman.  WHITE CHINESE:  1om, 1of, 1ym, 1yf V. Foreman.  TUFTED ROMAN:  1-BOB-om, lof T. MacDonald.  T U R K E Y S:  BELTSVILLE SMALL WHITE:  1-BOB-ym, 2,3yf V. Foreman; 1yf J. Wood.  P I G E O N S:  AMERICAN SHOW RACER:  1-BOB-2oc V. Foreman; 3oc, 2oh Robert Miller; 1oh S. Oulton.  CHINESE OWL:  1-BOB-oc S. Oulton; 2oc, 1oh V. Foreman.  CLASSIC FRILL:  1-BOB-oc, 1oh R. Miller.  FLYING ROLLER:  1-BOB-oc, 1oh R. Miller.  ICE PIGEON:  1oc, 1-BOB-oh T. MacDonald.  MODENA:  1,2oc, 1-BOB-4of V. Foreman; 2,3of A. Durley.  POMERANIAN POUTER:  1oc, 1-BOB-oh R. Miller.  PORTUGUESE TUMBLER:  1,2oc, 5oh V. Foreman; 3oc, 3oh Jack Blaisdell; 4oc, 2oh A. Durley; 5oc, 4oh R. Miller; 1-BOB-oh, 1yc, 1yh S. Oulton.  RACING HOMER:  1oc, 2oh T. MacDonald; 2,3oc, 3,4oh, 1yc, 1yh V. Foreman; 4oc, 1-BOB-oh S. Oulton.  RUNT:  1oc, 3oh R. Miller; 2oc, 2oh J. Blaisdell; 3,4oc, 1-BOB-oh, 1yh V. Foreman.  SHOW TYPE HOMER:  1-BOB-oc, 1oh T. MacDonald.  WEST OF ENGLAND TUMBLER:  1-BOB-oc S. Oulton.  G A M E  F O W L:  BUTTON QUAIL:  1,2ym, 1-BOB-yf Gail Steele; 3ym, 2yf A. Durley.  COTURNIX QUAIL:  1om, 3of, 3ym, 3yf Chase Charson; 1,2ym, 1-BOB-2yf A. Durley; 1of Samanths Wood; 2of J. Wood.  CACKLER CANADA:  1-BOB-om, lof B. Taylor.



Grand Champion – S.C. Rhode Island Red cockerel – A. Lawrence

Reserve Grand Champion – Grey Toulouse old female – Willow Creek Poultry

Champion Standard – White Chantecler cock – A. Adams

Reserve Standard – Speckled Sussex hen – Willow Creek Poultry

Champion Bantam – S.C. Rhode Island Red cockerel – A. Lawrence

Reserve Bantam – Silver Laced Wyandotte hen – Black Iron Poultry

Champion Duck – Rouen old male – Willow Creek Poultry

Reserve Duck – Cayuga young male – J. Bushen

Champion Goose – Grey Toulouse old female – Willow Creek Poultry

Reserve Goose – Pilgrim old male – V. Foreman

Champion Turkey – Beltsville Small White young male – V. Foreman

Reserve Turkey – Beltsville Small White young female – J. Wood

Champion Pigeon – Red Check Portuguese Tumbler old hen – S. Oulton

Reserve Pigeon – Red Check Show Type Homer old cock – T. MacDonald

Champion Game Fowl – Cackler Canada old male – B. Taylor

Reserve Game Fowl – Button Quail young female – G. Steele

Champion Junior Standard – Blue Ameraucaca pullet – Z. Wood

Champion Junior Bantam – Salmon Faverolle hen – C. Miller

Reserve Junior Bantam – Grey Japanese hen – C. Miller

Champion Junior Duck – Cayuga young male – J. Bushen

Reserve Junior Duck – Pekin old male – D. Keefe

Champion Junior Goose – Sebastopol young female – A. Durley

Reserve Junior Goose – Sebastopol young male – A. Durley

Champion Junior Turkey – Beltsville Small White young female – J. Wood

Champion Junior Pigeon – Portuguese Tumbler old hen – J. Blaisdell

Reserve Junior Pigeon – Runt old hen – J. Blaisdell

Champion Junior Game Fowl – Coturnix Quail young female – A. Durley

Reserve Junior Game Fowl – Coturnix Quail young male – C. Carson



Editors’s note:  There may be errors or placings missing in these results.  I wrote down results off the coop tags on the day of the show and may have missed some.  If so, my apologies.


Judges – Leif Taylor (Poultry & Waterfowl) and Brian MacInnis (Pigeons & Game Fowl)

Number of birds shown – 363







December 4 – NEXT MEETING & Christmas Social (Atlantic Vet College, 7:30.  Use main entrance)


-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE:  T-shirts – $13.00 and Crests – $4.00.  Contact the secretary for items.  They make great Christmas gifts for the fancier in the family.


-A reminder that the  December meeting will be followed by our annual Christmas Social.  Members are asked to bring something for lunch (sandwiches, sweets, etc) to be served following the meeting.


-Three Island exhibitors showed at the Nova Scotia Fall Classic.  Ella MacIntyre had the Champion Junior Bantam with her Mille Fleur D’Uccle.  Joe & Jody MacIntyre had Champion Medium Goose on a Grey Saddleback.  Trevor MacDonald had Champion & Reserve Continental on Silver Spangled Hamburgs and Champion Medium Goose on a Tufted Roman.  The Roman went on to be Reserve Goose.  The Silver Spangled Hamburg was Champion Standard and Reserve Grand Champion of the Show.


-Island members are once again showing poultry at the Royal Winter Fair.  A report on the winnings at the Royal will appear in the December newsletter.


-CORRECTION:  In the last newsletter, it showed that Will Trainor and Trevor MacDonald showed Helmets at Dundas Fair.  That was incorrect and was a carry-over from last year by mistake.  There were no Helmets shown.

-The Island was represented at the Ontario Poultry Breeders Show on October 21.  Willow Creek Poultry had some major division wins: Reserve English on a Speckled Sussex; Reserve Heavy Duck on a White Muscovy;  Reserve Heavy Goose on a Grey Toulouse.  The Toulouse went on to be Reserve Champion Goose overall.  Leif Taylor had Reserve Bantam Duck on a White Call.  Jeremy Ludyka also showed and had some good placings.  Our Ontario member, Greg Oakes, also showed and placed well.


-WELCOME BACK to the association is extended to Elizabeth Campebell, York.










As I finish off this newsletter, I am just days away from my annual trip to the Royal Winter Fair.  It is always a good time and a chance to have an all-too-short visit with many of my fancier friends in Ontario.  After all, the opportunity to visit and have a good time are two of the major reasons to attend any show.  I am also honoured to be judging the bantam classes at this year’s Royal.  Steve Webster is also judging this year; he is doing the pigeons for the second year in a row.

As you can see from the first pages of this month’s newsletter, there was a new show on the Island this fall.  It was nicely set up and there was a good entry of good birds.

There is another new show in the Maritimes this fall.  It is taking place in Napan, N.S.  By the time you receive this newsletter, it will probably be history as it is taking place on November 4.  I won’t be able to attend as I will be on the road to Toronto, but I do have a couple of entries going.

I am always pleased to see new shows take place.  It shows that good things are happening in our hobby.  Someone recently contacted me asking about negative comments I made about a show.  I assured that person and anyone else who may be questioning the rumor that I never had made such remarks.


Trevor MacDonald,


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Bulletin October 2017


Executive Committee
Brian Court, Ten Mile House – President
James Butler, Alliston – Vice President
Jeremy Ludyka, Cornwall – Secretary
Stephen Webster, Tarantum – Treasurer

Volume 35 Number 3​​​​​​​ ​​​October, 2017


1. P.E.I. Plowing Match & Agricultural Fair, Dundas – August 25-27

S T A N D A R D S: PLYMOUTH ROCK: 1c, 1h Willow Creek Poultry; 2c Robert Miller. SILVER SPANGLED HAMBURG: 1c, 1,2,3h Trevor MacDonald. A.O.V. HAMBURG: 1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald. LEGHORN: 1h Willow Creek Poultry. A.O.V. ORPINGTON: 1,2c, 1,2h Steve Webster.. MODERN GAME: 1,2,3c, 1,2,3h T. MacDonald. BUFF LACED POLISH: 1,2c 1,2,3h Wyatt & Callie MacDougall. A.O.V. SOLID COLOR: 1,2c Willow Creek Poultry. STANDARD TRIO: 1. Trevor MacDonald (White Hamburgs). B A N T A M S: BLACK-RED OLD ENGLISH GAME: 1c Black Iron Poultry. WHITE PLYMOUTH ROCK: 1,2c, 3h James Butler; 3c, 1,2h T. MacDonald. A.O.V. PLYMOUTH ROCK: 1c, 1h James Butler. RHODE ISLAND RED: 1,2,3c, 2,3h T. MacDonald; 1h Willow Creek Poultry. HAMBURG: 1,2c, 2h T. MacDonald; 3c, 1,3h Will Trainor. ROSECOMB: 1c, 2,3h T. MacDonald; 2c, 1h R. Miller. PARTRIDGE WYANDOTTE: 1c J. Butler; 2c, 2,3h Willow Creek Poultry; 3c, 1h S. Webster. BLACK WYANDOTTE: 1,2c, 2,3h J. Butler; 3c, 1h T. MacDonald. WHITE WYANDOTTE: 1c, 1,2h Black Iron Poultry; 2,3c, 3h J. Butler. SILVER LACED WYANDOTTE: 1c, 1,2h J. Butler; 2c Black Iron Poultry; 3h Willow Creek Poultry. BRAHMA: 1,2c, 1,2h J. Butler. SALMON FAVEROLLE: 1,2,3c, 1,2,3h S. Webster. BROWN RED JAPANESE: 1,2,3c, 1,2,3h T. MacDonald. GREY JAPANESE: 1,2c, 1,3h T. MacDonald; 3c W. Trainor; 2h Black Iron Poultry. BLACK TAILED WHITE JAPANESE: 1,2h Willow Creek Poultry. A.O.V. JAPANESE: 1c T. MacDonald. LEGHORN: 1c Willow Creek Poultry. D’UCCLE: 1,2,c, 1,2h Black Iron Poultry. CORNISH: 1,2h W/C MacDougall. SOLID COLOR BANTAM TRIO: 1. T. MacDonald (Black Wyandottes); 2. T. MacDonald (White Plymouth Rocks); 3. T. MacDonald (White Plymouth Rocks). PARTI COLOR BANTAM TRIO: 1. T. MacDonald (S.C. Rhode Island Reds); 2. T. MacDonald (Grey Japanese); 3. T. MacDonald (Silver Spangled Hamburgs). G E E S E: TOULOUSE: 1m, 1f Willow Creek Poultry. AFRICAN: 1m, 1f Gordon & Lorina Murphy. EMBDEN: 1,2m Willow Creek Poultry; 3m, 1,2f Black Iron Poultry. BROWN CHINESE: 1m, 1f G/L Murphy. WHITE CHINESE: 1m, 1f G/L Murphy. A.O.V.: 1m, 1,2f T. MacDonald. D U C K S: ROUEN: 1,2m, 1f Willow Creek Poultry. PEKIN: 1,2,3m, 2f Black Iron Poultry; 1,3f G/L Murphy. MUSCOVY: 1m G/L Murphy; 2m, 1f Willow Creek Poultry. BUFF: 1,2m, 1,2,3f Black Iron Poultry. INDIAN RUNNER: 1m, 1f Willow Creek Poultry; 2m, 2,3f J. Young. KHAKI CAMPBELL: 1m, 3f Black Iron Poultry; 2m, 1f G/L Murphy; 2f Willow Creek Poulty. WHITE CALL: 1m, 1f Black Iron Poultry; 2,3m, 2,3f W. Trainor. GREY CALL: 1,2m, 1,3f Willow Creek Poultry; 3m, 2f Black Iron Poultry. BLACK EAST INDIE: 1m, 2f W. Traior; 2,3m, 1f Black Iron Poultry. A.O.V.: 1,2m Willow Creek Poultry; 3m, 1f G/L Murphy; 2f Gail Steele. P I G E O N S: FANTAIL: 1h T. MacDonald. MODENA: 1,2,3c, 1,2,3h T. MacDonald. FLYING ROLLER: 1,2c, 1h T. MacDonald; 3c, 2h R. Miller. BLUE BAR RACING HOMER: 1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald. CHECK RACING HOMER:
1,3c, 1,2h T. MacDonald; 2c, 3h R. Miller. A.O.V. RACING HOMER: 1c, 2h T. MacDonald; 2,3c, 1,3h Black Iron Poultry. HELMET: 1c, 1h T. MacDonald; 2c, 2h W. Trainor. CHINESE OWL: 1c T. MacDonald. ICE PIGEON: 1c, 1h T. MacDonald. SHOW KING: 1,2c, 1h T. MacDonald. SADDLE HOMER: 1c, 1.2h W. Trainor; 2c, 3h Black Iron Poultry. PORTUGUESE TUMBLER: 1c W. Trainor; 2c, 1,3h Black Iron Poultry; 3c, 2h R. Miller. SHOW TYPE HOMER: 1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald; 3c, 3h R. Miller. AMERICAN SHOW RACER: 1,2c, 1,2h Black Iron Poultry. CLASSIC FRILL: 1,2c, 1,3h Black Iron Poultry; 2h Tyler Dill. RUNT: 1,3c, 2,3h Black Iron Poultry; 2c, 1h R. Miller. FAWN or WILD RINGNECK DOVE: 1c, 1h Black Iron Poultry. PIED RINGNECK DOVE: 1c, 2h R. Miller; 2h T. MacDonald. A.O.V. DOVE: 1c, 1h R. Miller; 2c T. MacDonald. A.O.V.: 1,2c, 2,3h Black Iron Poultry; 3c R. Miller; 1h T. MacDonald.

Best Standard Cock – S.C. Black Minorca – Willow Creek Poultry
Best Standard Hen – White Hamburg – T. MacDonald
Best Bantam Cock – Partridge Wyandotte – J. Butler
Best Bantam Hen – S.C. Rhode Island Red – Willow Creek Poultry (GRAND CHAMPION)
Best Gander – Embden – Willow Creek Poultry
Best Goose – Tufted Roman – T. MacDonald
Best Drake – Pekin – Black Iron Poultry
Best Duck – Pekin – G/L Murphy
Best Pigeon Cock – Blue Check Racing Homer – T. MacDonald
Best Pigeon Hen – Red Check Portuguese Tumbler – Black Iron Poultry (RES. GRAND CHAMPION)

Judges – James Carson
Number of birds shown – 320

2. Eastern Kings Exhibition, Souris – September 10

S T A N D A R D S: PLYMOUTH ROCK: 1c Robert Miller; 2c Black Iron Poultry. SILVER SPANGLED HAMBURG: 1,2c, 1,2h Trevor MacDonald. A.O.V. HAMBURG: 1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald. MODERN GAME: 1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald. A.O.V. SOLID COLOR: 1,2h T. MacDonald. B A N T A M S: WHITE PLYMOUTH ROCK: 1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald. BLACK WYANDOTTE: 1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald. WHITE WYANDOTTE: 1c, 1,2h Black Iron Poultry. SILVER LACED WYANDOTTE: 1c, 1h Black Iron Poultry. BLACK-RED OLD ENGLISH GAME: 1c Black Iron Poultry. BLACK OLD ENGLISH GAME: 1h Black Iron Poultry. A.O.V. OLD ENGLISH GAME: 1c, 1h R. Miller. ROSECOMB: 1c, 1,2h T. MacDonald; 2c, 3h R. Miller; 3c Emma Swim. HAMBURG: 1,3c, 1h W. Trainor; 2c, 2,3h T. MacDonald. BROWN RED JAPANESE: 1c, 1,2h T. MacDonald. GREY JAPANESE: 1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald; 3c, 3h W. Trainor. A.O.V. JAPANESE: 1c T. MacDonald. BRAHMA: 1c, 1h E. Swim. RHODE ISLAND RED: 1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald. D’UCCLE: 1,2c, 1,2h Black Iron Poultry. A.O.V. PARTI COLOR: 1,2c, 1,2h E. Swim. D U C K S: PEKIN: 1m, 2f Black Iron Poultry; 1,3f Jane Young. BUFF: 1m, 1f Black Iron Poultry. WHITE CALL: 1,2m, 1,3f Black Iron Poultry; 3m, 2f Billy Trainor. GREY CALL: 1m, 2f R. Miller; 2m, 1f Black Iron Poultry. MUSCOVY: 1f W. Trainor. INDIAN RUNNER: 1m, 1,2f J. Young. BLACK EAST INDIE: 1m, 1f W. Trainor; 2,3m, 2,3f Black Iron Poultry. A.O.V.: 1m, 1f J. Young. G E E S E: EMBDEN: 1m, 1f Black Iron Poultry. P I G E O N S: BLUE BAR RACING HOMER:

1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald. CHECK RACING HOMER: 1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald; 3c, 3h R. Miller. WHITE RACING HOMER: 1,2c, 1,2h Black Iron Poultry; 3c, 3h E. Swim. A.O.V. RACING HOMER: 1,2c 1,2h T. MacDonald. MODENA: 1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald. FLYING ROLLER: 1c, 1h R. Miller; 2,3c, 2h T. MacDonald. FANTAIL: 1c, 1h Black Iron Poultry; 2h T. MacDonald. ICE PIGEON: 1c, 1h T. MacDonald. CLASSIC FRILL: 1c, 1h R. Miller; 2,3c, 2,3h Black Iron Poultry. CHINESE OWL: 1c, 1h R. Miller; 2c T. MacDonald. SHOW KING: 1,2c, 1h T. MacDonald. SHOW TYPE HOMER: 1,2c, 1,3h T. MacDonald; 3c, 2h R. Miller. SADDLE HOMER: 1c, 1h Black Iron Poultry; 2,3c, 2h W. Trainor. PORTUGUESE TUMBLER: 1,3c W. Trainor; 2c, 1h R. Miller; 2,3h Black Iron Poultry. RUNT: 1c, 1h R. Miller; 2,3c, 2,3h Black Iron Poultry. AMERICAN GIANT HOMER: 1c, 2h Black Iron Poultry; 2c, 1,3h T. MacDonald. DOVE: 1c, 1h R. Miller; 2c, 3h Black Iron Poultry; 3c, 2h T. MacDonald. A.O.V.: 1c, 1h R. Miller; 2,3c, 2h E. Swim; 3h Black Iron Poultry.

Champion Standard – White Hamburg Hen – T. MacDonald
Reserve Standard – Black Breasted Red Modern Game Hen – T. MacDonald
Champion Bantam – White Plymouth Rock Hen – T. MacDonald
Reserve Bantam – Black Rosecomb Hen – T. MacDonald (GRAND CHAMPION)
Champion Duck – Black East Indie Duck – W. Trainor (RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION)
Reserve Duck – White Call Duck – Black Iron Poultry
Champion Goose – Embden Gander – Black Iron Poultry
Reserve Goose – Embden Goose – Black Iron Poultry
Champion Pigeon – Blue Bar Runt Cock – R. Miller
Reserve Pigeon – Tort Portuguese Tumbler Hen – R. Miller

Judge – Garth Taylor
Number of birds shown – 197


October 14-15 – N.S. Fall Classic (Middle Musquodoboit)
October 23 – Entries close for the All-Waterfowl Show
November 4 – All Waterfowl Show (Nappan, NS)
November 12 – 89th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Poultry Show (Toronto)
December 4 – NEXT MEETING & Annual Christmas Social (Atlantic Vet College, 7:30. Use main

-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE: T-shirts – $13.00 and Crests – $4.00. Contact the secretary for items.

-Note that there will be no meeting in November.

-Happy (belated) 16th Birthday to Will Trainor on September 26.


-FOR SALE: Canada geese. Contact Blaine Taylor, Burlington 836-3421. 10/17

-One member showed at the Hants County Exhibition in Windsor, N.S., in September. Trevor MacDonald took Reserve American (Black Jersey Giant hen), Champion Continetal (Silver Spangled Hamburg hen), Reserve Continetal (Silver Spangled Hamburg cock), Champion A.O.S.B. (Black-Red Modern Game hen), Reserve A.O.S.B. (Black-Red Modern Game hen), Champion S.C.C.L. (Grey Japanese hen), Champion R.C.C.L. (Black Rosecomb hen), and Reserve R.C.C.L. (Silver Spangled Hamburg cock), Champion Light Goose (Tufted Roman gander), and Reserve Light Goose (Tufted Roman gander). The Silver Spangled Hamburg hen was Champion Standard & Grand Champion of the Show, the Grey Japanese hen was Reserve Bantam, the Tufted Roman goose was Champion Goose & Reserve Waterfowl, and the Tufted Roman gander was Reserve Goose. Also won was Champion Pigeon on a Fawn Ringneck Dove hen and Reserve Pigeon on a Blue Check Racing Homer cock.

-Several members exhibited at the recent New Brunswick Fall Show. A number of champions were picked up along the way, including Champion Standard, Champion Goose, and Champion Turkey from Willow Creek Poultry.

-WELCOME BACK to the association is extended to Grancil Hottot of Quebec.


​The air has finally turned a bit cool. That is the sure sign that fall is here. The summer fairs are done and there are a few shows left for fanciers to attend. This year sees the addition of two fall shows in the Maritimes. This is providing people with the opportunity to show their birds a couple of more times than would usually be the case.

​​​​​​Trevor MacDonald,

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