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Bulletin March 2018

Executive Committee

Brian Court, Ten Mile House – President

James Butler, Alliston – Vice President

Jeremy Ludyka, Cornwall – Secretary

Stephen Webster, Tarantum – Treasurer


Volume 35  Number 9                                                                                            March, 2018




S T A N D A R D S: PLYMOUTH ROCK:  1-BOB-h Willow Creek Poultry.  WYANDOTTE:  1c, 1-BOB-2h Jill Wood.  JERSEY GIANT:  1-BOB-h Trevor MacDonald.  COCHIN:  1c, 1-BOB-h Willow Creek Poultry.  AUSTRALORP:  1-BOB-c, 1h Vance Foreman.  SUSSEX:  1-BOB-2h Willow Creek Poultry.  HAMBURG:  1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald.  AMERAUCANA:  1c, 1-BOB-2h J. Wood.  MODERN GAME:  1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald.  PHOENIX:  1-BOB-c Willow Creek Poultry.  SUMATRA:  1-BOB-h Willow Creek Poultry.  B A N T A M S:  MODERN GAME:  1c, 1-BOB-h V. Foreman.  OLD ENGLISH GAME:  1,2c, 1-BOB-2,3h Robert Miller.  JAPANESE:  1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald.   PLYMOUTH ROCK:  1-BOB-c, 4h T. MacDonald; 2c James Butler; 1,2,3h Leif Taylor.  S.C. RHODE ISLAND RED:  1-BOB-2c, 3,4h Isaac MacEwen; 3c L. Taylor; 4c, 1h Willow Creek Poultry; 2h V. Foreman.  SILVER SPANGLED HAMBURG:  1c, 4h T. MacDonald; 2c R. Miller; 1-BOB-2,3h Noah Taylor.  BLACK WYANDOTTE:  1c, 1,2,4h J. Butler; 2c, 3h Willow Creek Poultry.  PARTRIDGE WYANDOTTE:  1,3c, 2,3h J. Butler; 2,4c, 1-BOB-4h Steve Webster.  A.O.V.  WYANDOTTE:  1c. 1h J. Butler.  MALAY:  1-BOB-c T. MacDonald.  BRAHMA:  1-BOB-2c, 3h J. Butler; 1,2h S. Webster.  COCHIN:  1,2c, 1-BOB-2h Malcolm & Murray Mitchell.  SALMON FAVEOLLE:  1-BOB-2c, 1,2h S. Webster.  D U C K S:  PEKIN:  1m, 1-BOB-f Black Iron Poultry.  BUFF:  1-BOB-m, 1f Black Iron Poultry.  WELSH HARLEQUIN:  1-BOB-m, 1f Black Iron Poultry.  GREY INDIAN RUNNER: 1,2m, 1-BOB-2f N. Taylor.  GREY CALL:  1,4m, 4f Black Iron Poultry; 2,3m, 1-BOB-2,3f N. Taylor.  WHITE CALL:  1,3,4m, 2f Black Iron Poultry; 2m, 1,3,4f L. Taylor.  BLACK EAST INDIE:  1-BOB-m Black Iron Poultry; 2m, 1f L. Taylor.  G E E S E:  EMBDEN:  1-BOB-m Black Iron Poultry.  EGYPTIAN:  1-BOB-m, 1f V. Foreman.  P I G E O N S:  AMERICAN SHOW RACER:  1-BOB-c R. Miller.  CHINESE OWL:  1c, 1-BOB-h R. Miller.   FLYING ROLLER:  1c, 1-BOB-h R. Miller.  ICE PIGEON:  1-BOB-c, 1h Black Iron Poultry.  MODENA:  1,2,3c, 1-BOB-2,3,4h V. Foreman.  POMERANIAN POUTER:  1c, 1-BOB-h R. Miller.  PORTUGUESE TUMBLER:  1-BOB-c, 1h R. Miller.  RACING HOMER:  1-BOB-c, 1h T. MacDonald; 2c, 2h R. Miller.  RUNT:  1-BOB-c, 2h R. Miller; 2c, 1h V. Foreman.  SHOW TIPPLER:  1c, 1-BOB-h R. Miller.  SHOW TYPE HOMER:  1-BOB-c, 1h T. MacDonald.  UTILITY KING:  1-BOB-c Jordan Liantzakis.  WEST OF ENGLAND TUMBLER:  1-BOB-c, 1h T. MacDonald.  DOVE:  1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald.



Champion Standard – Black Cochin hen – Willow Creek Poultry

Reserve Standard – Speckled Sussex hen – Willow Creek Poultry

Champion Bantam – Black Cochin hen – Malcolm & Murray Mitchell

Reserve Bantam – Silver Spangled Hamburg hen – N. Taylor

Champion Duck – Grey Call duck – N. Taylor (GRAND CHAMPION)

Reserve Duck – White Call duck – L. Taylor

Champion Goose – Coloured Egyptian gander – V. Foreman

Reserve Goose – Embden gander – Black Iron Poultry

Champion Pigeon – Bronze Tri Schietti Modena hen – V. Foreman

Reserve Pigeon – Blue Check Racing Homer cock – T. MacDonald

Champion Junior Exhibit – Grey Call duck – N. Taylor


Judge – Jim Brimicombe (Chickens & Waterfowl) & Jamie Carson (Pigeons)

Number of birds shown – 171





(Feather Fancier)


Editor’s note:  This article was published in the April, 1980, edition of the Feather Fancier. 


                      The moulting season reveals the health of the birds, and is nature’s way of changing the feathers and occurs yearly in most birds.

A normal pigeons’ wing contains ten primary and ten secondary feathers.  The moult starts at the front primary, that is the first feather that turns slightly outward, or the tenth feather from the last flight.

The primaries fall strictly in turn.  It occurs simultaneously in an individual feather in both wings.  When it reaches number six or seven, one can expect the tail to start moulting.  The tail feathers do not fall out in the same order as the flights.

There are twelve feathers in a normal tail.  Halving the tail, we have six feathers, one to six, with the outside feather being number one.  The feathers will fall five, six, three, four, one, two.  The two next to the centre two will fall first, and so on.

The secondary feathers also start falling at this time in the moult, and they start at the secondary next to the first primary, and fall towards the body in an opposite manner to the primary feathers.

The body moult starts any time after the fourth primary falls, and is generally over in a month, although most text books state six weeks.  If the moult follows this pattern all is well, but if it doesn’t, look for trouble.

If birds look poorly during the moult examine them – do not be afraid to handle birds during the moult for one can learn so much about one’s birds if they are handled frequently.

One may find that they have stopped in a moult.  If it is possible to detect where it has stopped, that is where the next feather should fall, pull it out.  Also, if they are not moulting evenly, pull out the old odd feathers so that the tail or wing balances.  Never pull more than two at a time as the birds is not fit, and although it will sap strength it will assist the bird to get back in condition.

If a bird fails to start to moult by early August, start them by pulling out number one primary feather in each wing.  This really works.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          NOTES OF INTEREST


March 15 – Deadline for listings for the Maritime Fanciers Directory

April 3– ANNUAL MEETING (Carpenter’s Inc., Kensington. 7:30)

May 5– Valley Fanciers Spring Show (Windsor, NS)

May 19 – 33rd  Annual P.E.I. Spring Show (Borden-Carleton)

June 2 – Red Isle Poultry Show (Murray River)

June 3 – Greater Moncton Fur & Feather Club Buy-Sell-Trade Day (Petitcodiac, NB)

July 27 – Northumberland Fisheries Festival Poultry Show (Murray River)

July 28 – Crapaud Exhibition (Crapaud)

August 12-15 – P.E.I. Provincial Exhibition Poultry Show (Charlottetown)

August 24-26 – P.E.I. Plowing Match & Agricultural Fair (Dundas)

Aug. 31-Sept. 1 – Egmont Bay-Mont Carmel Exhibition (Abram’s Village)

September 9  – Eastern Kings Exhibiton (Souris)

September 29-30 – New Brunswick Fall Show (Petitcodiac)

October 6 – 2nd Annual Maritime Poultry Meet (Bonshaw)

October 13-14 – Nova Scotia Fall Classic (Middle Musquodoboit)

November 11 – 90th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Poultry Show (Toronto)


-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE:  T-shirts – $13.00 and Crests – $4.00.  Contact the secretary for items.




-There are still some Spring Show awards needing sponsors.  If you are interested in sponsoring an award, contact the secretary.  They cost $20 each.


-Note that it is once again that time of the year to renew your membership.  Please do so soon.


-Get Well wishes are extended to Brian Court.


-WANTED:  Anyone who has trophies that they would like to get rid of, please contact Trevor MacDonald.  My supply is getting low.  They do not need to be poultry show tropies as new tops can be put on them for poultry shows.  They are used at events such as the Winter Show and some of the summer fairs.


-Dustin Keefe and Trevor MacDonald showed at the Atlantic Canada Young Bird Winter Classic (Pigeon) Show in Saint John, N.B., on February 17.  It was a very nice show with about 200 pigeons shown.  Dustin had Best of Breed in Ice Pigeons and American Giant Homers.  He also had Champion Junior Pigeon with the Ice Pigeon.  Trevor had Best of Breed in Show Type Homers, Show Kings, and Fantails.






If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting and wish to renew your membership, simply fill out this form and mail it to the secretary with the proper funds enclosed.


Name ____________________________________________________


Address __________________________________________________


Type of membership:  _____ Senior ($10.00)


_____ Junior (No charge)  Under 18


Make cheques payable to:  P.E.I. Purebred Poultry (Fanciers) Association

Mail to:  Jeremy Ludyka, 194 Cornwall Rd., Cornwall, P.E.I.  C0A 1H4

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Bulletin January 2018

Executive Committee

Brian Court, Ten Mile House – President

James Butler, Alliston – Vice President

Jeremy Ludyka, Cornwall – Secretary

Stephen Webster, Tarantum – Treasurer

Volume 35 Number 8 February, 2018


Our sixteenth annual Winter Show is scheduled for March 3. There will be classes for Standards, Bantams, Ducks, Geese, and Pigeons. The entry form is enclosed with this month’s newsletter.

Date: Saturday, March 3, 2018 (Storm date: Sunday, March 4)

Location: Carpernters Inc., 12 Park Rd., Kensington

Arrival: Before 9:30 A.M.

Departure: After judging is completed and awards are presented.

Entry fee: $1.00 per entry. Fees to be sent with entry. Note that lunch is not being provided this year. There are several dining establishments in Kensington for everyone to go to.

Birds will be placed from first to fourth. A Best of Breed will be selected in each breed. Ribbons will be available upon request.

Trophies will be awarded for Champion and Reserve Standard, Bantam, Duck, Goose, and Pigeon. Trophies will also be awarded for the Grand Champion of the Show and the Champion Junior Exhibit.

Entries close February 21, 2018.

Send all entries to: Jeremy Ludyka, 194 Cornwall Rd., Cornwall, P.E.I. C0A 1H4

Exhibitors of chickens are encouraged to have had their birds vaccinated for ILT.

Birds will be left in their carrying boxes until they are called to be judged. After the class is judged, birds will return to their boxes.

Colours will be judged together unless there are four or more of a recognized colour shown. In this case, a colour class will be made.

A 50/50 draw will take place during the day.


Judges – Jim Brimicombe – Chickens and Waterfowl & James Carson – Pigeons



February 17 – Atlantic Canada Young Bird Classic (Saint John, NB)

February 21 – Entries close for P.E.I. Winter Show

March 3 – 16th Annual P.E.I. Winter Show (Kensington)

March 3 – NEXT MEETING (At the Winter Show, afternoon)

March 15 – Closing date for Maritime Fanciers Directory listings

April 3 – Annual Meeting (Charlottetown) **April 2 is Easter Monday.

May 5 – Valley Fanciers Spring Show (Windsor, NS)

May 19 – 33rd Annual P.E.I. Spring Show (Borden-Carleton)

June 3 – Greater Moncton Fur & Feather Club Buy-Sell-Trade Day (Petitcodiac, NB)

July 27 – Northumberland Fisheries Festival Poultry Show (Murray River)

July 28 – Crapaud Exhibition (Crapaud)

August 12-15 – P.E.I. Provincial Exhibition Poultry Show (Charlottetown)

August 24-26 – P.E.I. Plowing Match & Agricultural Fair (Dundas)

August 31-Sept. 1 – Egmont Bay-Mont Carmel Exhibition (Abram’s Village)

September 9 – Eastern Kings Exhibition Livestock Show (Souris)

September 29-30 – New Brunswick Fall Show (Petitcodiac)

October 6 – 2nd Annual Maritime Poultry Meet (Bonshaw)

October 13-14 – Nova Scotia Fall Classic (Mddle Misquodoboit)

November 11 – 90th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Poultry Show (Toronto)

-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE: T-shirts – $13.00 and Crests – $4.00. Contact the secretary for items.

-Please note that the March meeting will take place at the Winter Show.

-Sympathies are extended to Gail Steele on the recent passing of her father.

-The location of the Winter Show is in the Industrial Park in Kensington. It is located across from the Kubota dealer and the vet clinic.

-The annual campaign for Spring Show awards is in this month’s newsletter. If you would like to donate money for a show award(s), please send it to the secretary.

-If you would like to donate a special prize (cash or trophy) at the Spring Show, please let the secretary know. These are in addition to the awards mentioned above.

-Listings for the 2018 Maritime Fanciers Directory are now being accepted. If you would like to list in this year’s book, please contact Trevor MacDonald. Deadline is March 15.



If you would like to donate an award (or awards) at the Spring Show, please indicate which one(s) you would like to donate. Send this memo to the secretary as soon as you would like. The awards cost $20 each.

I would like to donate funds for the following award(s):

_____ Grand Champion _____ Champion Pigeon

_____ Reserve Grand Champion _____ Reserve Pigeon

_____ Champion Standard _____ Champion Game Fowl

_____ Reserve Standard _____ Reserve Game Fowl

_____ Champion Bantam _____ Champion Junior Standard

_____ Reserve Bantam _____ Champion Junior Bantam

_____ Champion Goose _____ Champion Junior Waterfowl

_____ Reserve Goose _____ Champion Junior Pigeon

_____ Champion Duck _____ Does Not Matter

_____ Reserve Duck

_____ Champion Turkey

_____ Reserve Turkey

Makes cheques payable to: P.E.I. Purebred Poultry (Fanciers) Association.

Send to: Jeremy Ludyka, 194 Cornwall Rd., Cornwall, P.E.I. C0A 1H4

Please support YOUR association.




Editors’s note: Following are the champion winners from the 1992 Spring Show. Bill Shrum judged the poultry and Wilfred McLean judged the pigeons. There were 639 birds shown.

Champion Standard Cock – S.C. White Leghorn – Albert Boswall

Champion Standard Hen – Silver Spangled Hamburg – Bun Hollingsworth

Champion Bantam Cock – Black Old English Game – Brian MacInnis

Champion Bantam Hen – White Plymouth Rock – Mitchell Bros.

Champion Drake – Rouen – Clarence Moore

Champion Duck – White Call – Dave Saunders (GRAND CHAMPION)

Champion Gander – Brown African – Mitchell Bros.

Champion Goose – Grey Toulouse – Matthew Carson

Champion Pigeon Cock – White Fantail – John Van der Fluit

Champion Pigeon Hen – White Fantail – Trevor MacDonald

Champion Junior Standard – Redcap Cock – Chris MacNichol

Champion Junior Bantam – White Cochin Cock – Jody MacIntyre

Champion Junior Waterfowl – Grey Toulouse Goose – Matthew Carson

Champion Junior Pigeon – White Show King Cock – Ryan & Troy Murphy


This has been an odd winter to say the least. We have had frigid days and then record-high temperatures. This is never easy on the birds. Some people have eggs in the incubators; some have chicks out already.

The first of the early shows are soon approaching. The new all-pigeon show in Saint John is the first. Hopefully it will be well attended. And, of course, our annual Winter Show will be in March. There is a show in almost every month of the year somewhere in the Maritimes this year.

Trevor MacDonald,


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January 2017 Bulletin


Executive Committee

Brian Court, Ten Mile House – President

James Butler, Alliston – Vice President

Jeremy Ludyka, Cornwall – Secretary

Stephen Webster, Tarantum – Treasurer


Volume 35   Number 7                                                                                                              January, 2018




Editor’s note:  Once again, the past year has been an event-filled one in the life of our association and the fancy in general.  Here is a brief look back at what took place.


In January, things were very quiet.  Some members were busy getting breeding pens set up and getting those first eggs in the incubator.


In February, hatching had started for some people.  It was announced that after just one year, the Atlantic Agricultural Fall Fair in Haliax was ceasing operation.


March was the start of the show season on the Island with the 15th annual Winter Show, held in Kensington.  There were 170 birds, on par with the previous year.  A number of off-Island fanciers showed.  The grand champion was a Silver Laced Wyandotte bantam hen shown by James Butler.  The judges were Alan Hamilton and  Brian MacInnis.  The Department of Agriculture indicated they would like to send out the newsletter electonically; however, very few members submitted their emails to the editor.  Paul Kroll from New York was confirmed as the Spring Show judge.


For the first time in twenty years, the annual meeting was moved back to Charlottetown.  It was held, as always, in April.  Brian Court was elected the new president.  The association ended the year in solid financial shape and with 71 members.  Hilton Bryanton passed away on the 9th.  He served several terms as president of the association.  Rodney Clow and Brian MacInnis were nominated to judge the Old Home Week show.


There were 478 birds entered at the club’s 32nd annual Spring Show in May.  Judges for the show were Paul Kroll and Stephen Webster.  Merle Watson from Nova Scotia took the grand champion award with a rare standard Silver Pencilled Wyandotte cock.  It was announced there there would be an all-waterfowl show held in Nova Scotia in November.  It was also announced that a member was working on a fall show to be held on the Island in the fall.  There was a discussion about getting a kiosk for the use of the club at shows.  The annual Valley Fanciers Spring Show was held early in the month in Windsor, NS.  It was supported by some Island members.  Jeremy Ludyka graduated from Holland College with his electrical certificate.  It looked for a while that Old Home Week might be cancelled this year due to issues between Red Shores and the Provincial Exhibition.  The Exhibition Board did vote to cancel the exhibition; however, matters were worked out for the event to continue.


Two Island members showed at Ormstown Fair in Quebec in June.  Jeremy Ludyka and Trevor MacDonald had several good placings, including Champion Goose (Jeremy) and  Reserve Pigeon (Trevor).  Troy Laroche of Ontario was nominated to judge the 2018 Spring Show.  Stephen Webster was nominated to judge the show at Crapaud Exhibition.  ILT vaccine was made available to those members who wished to vaccinate on their own; no program was in place to have someone make rounds to do the work.


As usual, the summer fair season got underway in July.  The Northumberland Fisheries Festival show was held in Murray River on the 29th with Garth Taylor judging.  The grand champion was a White Plymouth Rock Bantam hen shown by Trevor MacDonald.  On the following day, judge  Stephen Webster awarded top honours at the Crapaud Exhibition show to a Tufted Roman old female shown by Trevor MacDonald.  Trevor MacDonald exhibited at the Lachute Fair in Quebec and took a number of awards, including Champion Standard, Champion & Reserve Pigeon, and Champion and Reserve Goose.  The Champion Goose, a Tufted Roman old female, was named Grand Champion.


The summer’s two largest Island fairs were held in August.  At Old Home Week, a large number of entries were exhibited by off-Island fanciers.  Leif Taylor took Grand Champion with a Black East Indie old female.  The Dundas Fair had a good poultry show as always.  The Grand Champion there was a S.C. Rhode Island Red bantam hen shown by Willow Creek Poultry.  Trevor MacDonald exhibited at Halifax County Exhibition and had several class placings.


September brought the fair season to an end and saw the beginning of the fall shows.  The Egmont Bay-Mont Camel Exhibition was held on Labour Day weekend.  The judge was Leif Taylor who picked a White Plymouth Rock bantam cock as Grand Champion.  It was shown by James Butler.  The Eastern Kings Exhibition was the last Island fair for the season.  Trevor MacDonald took the Grand Champion title with a Black Rosecomb hen.  Garth Taylor judged the show.  Trevor MacDonald exhibited at the Hants County Exhibition in Windsor, N.S. where he won Champion Standard – Silver Spangled Hamburg hen, Reserve  Bantam – Grey Japanese hen, Champion Pigeon – Fawn Ringneck Dove hen, Reserve Pigeon – Blue Check Racing Homer cock, Champion Goose – Tufted Roman goose, and Reserve Goose – Tufted Roman gander.  The Silver Spangled Hamburg hen went on to be Grand Champion of the Show.  The N.B. Fall Show was held in Petitcodiac with Island members taking several top awards.  Numbers were down at the show, partly due to the current ILT regulations.  Willow Creek Poultry had Champion Standard, Champion Goose, and Champion Turkey at the N.B. Show.  Due to circumstances, it was announced that the planned fall show would not be taking place; however, it was later picked up and October 8 was announced as the show which would be held in Bonshaw.


Two shows took place during the month of October.  The new Maritime Poultry Meet was held in Bonshaw on the 8th with a nice show of 363 birds exhibited.  The Grand Champion was a S.C. Rhode Island Red bantam cockerel shown by Ashley Lawrence of NB.  Later in the month, the 42nd annual N.S. Fall Classic took place in Middle Musquodoboit.  Ella MacIntryre won Champion Junior Bantam on a Mille Fleur D’Uccle.  Trevor MacDonald had Champion Standard on a Silver Spangled Hamburg pullet and Reserve Goose on a Tufted Roman old female.  The Silver Spangled Hamburg was picked as Reserve Grand Champion of the Show.  Willow Creek Poultry, Jeremy Ludyka, and Leif Taylor exhibited at the Ontario Poultry Breeders Show this month.  The top win was by Willow Creek Poultry as they took Reserve Goose in the Show with a Grey Toulouse.



The Royal Winter Fair Poultry Show was held on November 12, the last day of the fair.  Club members once again showed at the Royal and did well.  Trevor MacDonald had Champion Pigeon on a Blue M.F. Helmet cock.  Trevor MacDonald judged bantams and Steve Webster judged pigeons at this year`s Royal.  A number of new birds made their way back to the Island as a result of the trip.  At the All-Waterfowl show in NS, Island members did well.  Rodney Clow served as one of the judges for thie event.


The December meeting was held on the 4th with a good attendance.  This was the last meeting to be held at the Atlantic Vet College due to Steve Webster`s impending retirement.   It was confirmed that Troy Laroche would be judging the Spring Show.  Jim Brimicombe was nominated as the judge the the Winter Show which will be held on March 3 in Kensington.  Adam Vervoort of Ontario was nominated to judge the Old Home Week show in 2018.






February 2 – Entries close for the Atlantic Canada Young Bird Classic

February 17 – Atlantic Canada Young Bird Winter Classic (Saint John, NB)

March 3 – NEXT MEETING (At the Winter Show)

March 3 – 16th Annual P.E.I. Winter Show (Location TBA)

March 15 – Deadline for Maritime Fanciers Directory listing

April 3 – Annual Meeting (Charlottetown)

May 5 – Valley Fanciers Spring Show (Windsor, NS)

May 19 – 33rd  Annual P.E.I. Spring Show (Borden-Carleton)


-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE:  T-shirts – $13.00; Crests – $4.00.  Contact the secretary for items.


-Cash Draw tickets will soon be available.  This is an important fund-raiser.  Please support it.


-Note that there is a new show on the horizon in 2018.  This will be for pigeons only and will be held at the exhibition grounds in Saint John, NB.  For more information, contact Barry McPhee.  It is hoped to turn this show into a young bird show in future years.  For this year, it will be for both old and young birds.  All birds must be banded with seamless bands.


-A reminder that Spring Show is coming up before we know it.  It is vital that we have helpers to make it happen.


-Due to the impending sale of the facility that has hosted the Winter Show in Kensington in recent years, this year’s show is up in the air as of the printing of this month’s newsletter.  The executive are looking into finding another location.  If you have any ideas, contact a member of the executive.



Happy  New  Year!




Quail is a bird that belongs to the pheasant family (even though they do not look alike, quail and pheasants are closely related).  These birds originate from North America, but they are found in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America today.  There are 32 species of quail that differ in size, color, and type of habitat where they can be found.  Quail inhabit woodlands, areas covered with bushes, and open spaces.  Some species of quail are hunted as game birds, or because of their meat (that is highly prized in come countries) and feathers (that are used for decoration).  Quail can be domesticated and kept as poultry that produce eggs of high quality.  Habitat destruction and uncontrolled hunt negatively affect numbers of quail in the wild.  Some species of quail are listed as endangered due to these factors.






Welcome to 2018.  It seems the past year has gone by in a flash.  I had the pleasure of showing at a number of shows last year.  And I was fortunate enough to have some success along the way.  This was my first year showing geese which was fun.  They did better than expected.  The only reason I was able to have a few geese was because of a couple of friends who were willing to house them; so … thank you to Scott Mitchell and John Blaisdell.  I ended the show season with my annual trip to the Royal Winter Fair.  It was an honour to judge the bantams there this year.

As I finish off this newsletter, it is freezing outside!  Surely this cold snap will end soon.  Keep your birds well looked after in these conditions!



Trevor MacDonald,


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