Currently, the association enjoys a membership of approximately 70. Members are located in all parts of the province as well as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Alberta. New members are always welcome.

Why become a member?

  1. Support an organization which promotes the maintaining of many heritage poultry breeds
  2. Members only shows
  3. Receive the print version of the Bulletin with additional content
  4. Monthly meetings
  5. Connect with fellow chicken fanciers!

Memberships are $10 per year (April 1 to March 31) for adults – 18 years old and over. There is no charge for junior members.


Members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings held at UPEI.

For more information, please contact PEIPPFA.



  1. Hello,

    I was hopeful to show some of my standards, I am not registered. I was just hoping you could give me some information on what I need to do in order to become a member? And if there is anything I must do with my hens to have then ready? Do they need to be seen by a veterinarian and have certain tests done or shots? I’m all new at this so any information is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.


    • I am so sorry your email/comment seemed to get lost in cyberspace! Did you receive a response before now? If not, to become a member, you can fill out a membership form (click the link under membership on the PEIPPFA website)and send it with $10 to our secretary (address is on the bottom of the form). To show, it is recommended that birds be vaccinated for ILT, but it is no longer required (the club endeavours to make this available to members in the early summer). Ideally, the birds show up clean and healthy and they are ready to show. If you include a note asking for a spring show rules and entry form with your membership, our secretary will be happy to send that along to you. Thanks for your inquiry and we hope to see you soon!

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