Here are some links that you may find interesting.

If anyone has a good link to recommend, please contact PEIPPFA and we’ll add it to the list.

Facebook Groups   PEIPPFA   Maritime Poultry Breeders

American Bantam Association
American Poultry Association
American Silkie Bantam Club
Belgian d’uccle & Booted Bantam Club
Canadian Araucana Society
Modern Game Bantam Club of America
National Call Breeders of America
Nova Scotia Purebred Poultry Association
Poultry Clubs
Poultry Club of Great Britain
Rosecomb Bantam Federation
Rhode Island Red Club of America
Varieties of Old English Game Bantams

American Helmet Association
Canadian Pigeon Fanciers’ Association
Canadian Racing Pigeon Union
Darwin’s Pigeons – Pigeon Standards of Today
National Pigeon Association
Vancouver Poultry & Fancy Pigeon Association
Pigeon Supplies

Backyard Poultry
Fancy Fowl Magazine
Feather Fancier Newspaper

PEI Association of Fairs & Exhibitions

Poultry Disease Emergency Response Resource Manual

Fun Stuff
Skreened t-shirts
Zazzle t-shirts
Cafepress t-shirts etc

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