The Prince Edward Island Purebred Poultry (Fanciers) Association was founded in April of 1976. The purpose of the association was, and still is, to promote the breeding and exhibition of purebred poultry.

The association works in close relationship with the Department of Agriculture to maintain healthy flocks. The association also works with a number of fairs and exhibitions across the Island to ensure the quality of the stock shown is of the highest quality. Clubs such as ours work to promote the breeding of heritage breeds of poultry. Once common, many of these rare breeds would be gone only for the determined efforts of poultry clubs such as this. In addition, the association encourages young people to enjoy raising and showing purebred poultry. As a result, we support the efforts of 4-H clubs across the Island and sponsor awards for the top 4-H poultry entries at the Rural Youth Fair, the major event of the P.E.I. 4-H Council, held each September.

From 1976 to 1982, the association hosted an annual fall show. Beginning in 1986, the “P.E.I. Spring Show” has been the major event for the club. Exhibitors from all parts of the Maritimes converge on the Island every May for what is one of the largest spring shows in Canada. Over the years, exhibitors from Ontario, Alberta, and Maine have also competed at the show. In addition to the Spring Show, the club also hosts the “P.E.I. Winter Show” in late February or early March as well as the “P.E.I. Bantam & Pigeon Show” which is held in conjunction with the annual meeting on the first Saturday in April.

Club members regularly support various shows across the Maritimes. In addition, Island members are long-standing exhibitors at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.


Currently, the association enjoys a membership of approximately 70. Members are located in all parts of the province as well as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Alberta. New members are always welcome.

Memberships are $10 per year (April 1 to March 31) for adults – 18 years old and over. There is no charge for junior members.


Members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings held at UPEI, and will also receive a monthly bulletin filled with poultry news, articles and events.

For more information, please contact PEIPPFA.

Association Presidents (Past & Present)

1976-1980 – Mr. J. Malcolm MacKenzie, Brudenell
1980-1982 – Mr. James E. Butler, Alliston
1982-1983 – Mr. Ralph MacPherson, Murray River
1983-1986 – Mr. James E. Butler
1986-1987 – Mr. Jack Sheppard, Hazel Grove
1987-1988 (Dec.) – Mr. Myron Yates, Howe Bay
1988 (Dec.)-1989 – Mr. Fred Vaerewyck, Grand View
1989-1991 – Mr. Robert Irwin, Norboro
1991-1994 – Mr. Leigh Oliver, Alberton
1994-1996 – Mr. Robert Irwin
1996-2000 – Mr. Glen Ryan, Head of Montague
2000-2002 – Mr. Hilton Bryanton, Margate
2002-2003 – Mr. Stephen Webster, Tarantum
2003-2015 – Mr. Hilton Bryanton

2015-2017 Mr. Leif Taylor

2017-2018- Mr. Brian Court

2018- Present- Mr. Leif Taylor