Results Spring Show 2015

Judges – Dr. William Patterson & James Carson
Number of birds shown – 449

Grand Champion – Black Cochin Hen – Alan Hamilton
Reserve Grand Champion – Black East Indie Drake – Leif Taylor
Champion Standard – Buff Orpington Hen – Gordon Murphy
Reserve Standard – Silver Spangled Hamburg Cock – Trevor MacDonald
Champion Bantam – Black Cochin Hen – Alan Hamilton
Reserve Bantam – White Plymouth Rock Hen – Noah Taylor
Champion Duck – Black East Indie Drake – Leif Taylor
Reserve Duck – Black East Indie Duck – Leif Taylor
Champion Goose – Brown African Gander – Joe & Jody MacIntyre
Reserve Goose – Grey Saddleback Gander – Joe & Jody MacIntyre
Champion Turkey – Bronze Tom – Gordon Murphy
Reserve Turkey – Beltsville Small White Tom – Gordon Murphy
Champion Guinea – Pearl Cock – James Carson
Reserve Guinea – Pearl Hen – James Carson
Champion Pigeon – Red Check American Show Racer Cock – Brian MacInnis
Reserve Pigeon – Tort Portuguese Tumbler Cock – Brian MacInnis
Champion Game Fowl – Cackling Canada Goose – Noah Taylor
Reserve Game Fowl – Coloured Mandarin Duck – Will Trainor
Champion Junior Bantam – White Plymouth Rock Hen – Noah Taylor
Champion Junior Waterfowl – Grey Mallard Duck – Noah Taylor
Champion Junior Pigeon – Red Schietti Modena Cock – Owen Foreman

Class Champions:
Champion American – S.C. Rhode Island Red Hen – Leanne Meisner
Reserve American – Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen – Terry Bannister
Champion English – Buff Orpington Hen – Gordon Murphy
Reserve English – Buff Orpington Cock – Lorina Murphy
Champion Continental – Silver Spangled Hamburg Cock – Trevor MacDonald
Reserve Continental – Silver Spangled Hamburg Hen – Trevor MacDonald
Champion Mediterranean – S.C. White Leghorn Hen – Joe & Jody MacIntyre
Reserve Mediterranean – S.C. White Leghorn Cock – Joe & Jody MacIntyre
Champion A.O.S.B. – Golden Duckwing Modern Game Cock – Trevor MacDonald
Reserve A.O.S.B. – Black Ameraucana Hen – Jill Wood

Champion Modern – Birchen Hen – Alan Hamilton
Reserve Modern – Brown Red Hen – Jim Brimicombe
Champion Old English – Black Cock – Will Trainor
Reserve Old English – Blue Wheaten Hen – Vance Foreman
Champion S.C.C.L. – White Plymouth Rock Hen – Noah Taylor
Reserve S.C.C.L. – White Plymouth Rock Cock – Andrew Greene
Champion R.C.C.L. – Silver Spangled Hamburg Cock – Trevor MacDonald
Reserve R.C.C.L. – Partridge Wyandotte Cock – Alan Hamilton
Champion A.O.C.C.L. – Dark Cornish Hen – Jim Brimicombe
Reserve A.O.C.C.L. – Black Breasted Red Malay Cock – Trevor MacDonald
Champion Feather Leg – Black Cochin Hen – Alan Hamilton
Reserve Feather Leg – Blue Cochin Hen – Alan Hamilton

Champion Heavy Duck – Pekin Drake – John Blaisdell
Reserve Heavy Duck – Rouen Duck – Joe & Jody MacIntyre
Champion Medium Duck – Blue Swede Drake – Mackenzie Thorne
Champion Light Duck – White Indian Runner Duck – Andrew Greene
Reserve Light Duck – White Indian Runner Duck – Andrew Greene
Champion Bantam Duck – Black East Indie Drake – Leif Taylor
Reserve Bantam Duck – Black East Indie Duck – Leif Taylor

Champion Heavy Goose – Brown African Gander – Joe & Jody MacIntyre
Reserve Heavy Goose – Brown African Goose – Lorina Murphy
Champion Medium Goose – Grey Saddleback Gander – Joe & Jody MacIntyre
Champion Light Goose – Brown Chinese Gander – Gordon Murphy
Reserve Light Goose – Brown Chinese Goose – Gordon Murphy


White Plymouth Rock: 1-BOB-h Andrew Greene.
Golden Laced Wyandotte: 1,2h Jill Wood.
Silver Laced Wyandotte: 1,2c, 1-BOB-2h Terry Bannister.
S.C. Rhode Island Red: 1c, 1-BOB-2h Leanne Meisner.
Black Australorp: 1-BOB-h Gordon Murphy.
Buff Orpington: 1c Lorina Murphy; 2,3c, 1-BOB-2h Gordon Murphy.
Silver Spangled Hamburg: 1-BOB-c, 1,2h Trevor MacDonald.
White Hamburg: 1c, 1h Trevor MacDonald.
S.C. Light Brown Leghorn: 1c, 1h Joe & Jody MacIntyre.
S.C. White Leghorn: 1,2c, 1-BOB-2,3h Joe & Jody MacIntyre.
Black Ameraucana: 1-BOB-2,3h Jill Wood.
Blue Ameraucana: 1,2h Jill Wood.
Silver Ameraucana: 1c Jill Wood.
Black Breasted Red Modern Game: 1c Trevor MacDonald.
Golden Duckwing Modern Game: 1-BOB-c Trevor MacDonald.

Birchen Modern Game: 1-BOB-h Alan Hamilton.
Brown Red Modern Game: 1,2,3,4c, 1,2,3h Jim Brimicombe; 4h Blaine Taylor.
Black Old English Game: 1-BOB-c, 3h Will Trainor; 2c, 2h Blaine Taylor; 3c, 4h Stephen Oulton; 4c, 1h Leif Taylor.
Black Breasted Red Old English Game: 1c, 1h Stephen Oulton.
Blue Wheaten Old English Game: 1h Vance Foreman.
Silver Duckwing Old English Game: 1,2c, 1,2,3,4h Jim Brimicombe.
White Old English Game: 1,2c, 1,2h Jim Brimicombe.
Black Tailed White Japanese: 1c Will Trainor.
Brown Red Japanese: 1c, 1h Trevor MacDonald.
Grey Japanese: 1c, 1-BOB-h Noah Taylor; 2c, 2h Trevor MacDonald; 3h Will Trainor.
White Japanese: 1h Trevor MacDonald.
S.C. Light Brown Leghorn: 1c, 3h Steve Webster; 1-BOB-2h Hilton Bryanton; 4h Gordon Murphy.
S.C. White Leghorn: 1c, 1,2h Hilton Bryanton; 2c, 3h Logyn MacDonald.
Barred Plymouth Rock: 1c Stephen Oulton; 2,3c, 1,2h Willis & Carol Steeves; 4c, 3h Terry Bannister.
Buff Plymouth Rock: 1,3c, 1,2h Gordon Murphy`; 2c, 3h Lorina Murphy.
Partridge Plymouth Rock: 1c, 1h James Butler.
White Plymouth Rock: 1,2,3c, 2h Andrew Greene; 4c Willis & Carol Steeves; 1-BOB-3h Noah Taylor; 4h Hilton Bryanton.
S.C. Rhode Island Red: 1-BOB-3c Hilton Bryanton; 2c, 1h Leanne Meisner.
Silver Spangled Hamburg: 1-BOB-c, 3h Trevor MacDonald; 2,3c, 2h Will Trainor; 1h Hilton Bryanton.
Black Rosecomb: 1-BOB-c Gordon Murphy; 2c, 2,3h Joe & Jody MacIntyre; 3c, 1h Logyn MacDonald.
Black Wyandotte: 1,2c, 1,2,3h James Butler.
Partridge Wyandotte: 1-BOB-2,3c, 1,2,3,4h Alan Hamilton; 4c Steve Webster.
Silver Laced Wyandotte: 1,2c, 1,2,3h James Butler; 3,4c Steve Webster.
White Wyandotte: 1c, 1,2h James Butler; 2c, 3h Willis & Carol Steeves.
Dark Cornish: 1,2,3,4c, 1-BOB-h Jim Brimicombe.
Black Breasted Red Malay: 1-BOB-c Trevor MacDonald.
Wheaten Malay: 1h Trevor MacDonald.
White Crested Black Polish: 1c, 1-BOB-h Samantha Wood.
Buff Brahma: 1,2h Vance Foreman.
Light Brahma: 1-BOB-2c, 1,2h Steve Webster.
Black Cochin: 1-BOB-2,3,4h Alan Hamilton.
Blue Cochin: 1,2,3h Alan Hamilton.
Mille Fleur D`Uccle: 1c, 3h Lorina Murphy; 1-BOB-2h Owen Foreman.
Salmon Faverolle: 1c, 1-BOB-h Steve Webster.
Bearded Black Silkie: 1-BOB-c Will Trainor.

Rouen: 1m, 1-BOB-2,4f Joe & Jody MacIntyre; 3f Andrew Greene.
Pekin: 1-BOB-m, 1f John Blaisdell; 2f Jack Blaisdell.
Blue Swede: 1-BOB-f Mackenzie Thorne.
Grey Indian Runner: 1f Andrew Greene.
Trout Indian Runner: 1m, 1,2,3,4f Jesse Thorne.
White Indian Runner: 1-BOB-m, 1,2f Andrew Greene.
Blue Fawn Call: 1m, 1f Drew Trainor; 2m, 2f Will Trainor.
Grey Call: 1,3m, 1,2f Logyn MacDonald; 2,4m Noah Taylor; 3f Drew Trainor.
Pastel Call: 1m, 1f Drew Trainor; 2m, 2f Lorina Murphy.
Snowy Call: 1m, 1,2f Logyn MacDonald.
White Call: 1-BOB-2m, 1,3f Leif Taylor; 3m, 4f Zachary Wood; 4m, 2f Owen Pearce.
Black East Indie: 1-BOB-2m, 1,2,4f Leif Taylor; 4m, 3f Logyn MacDonald.
Grey Mallard: 1,2m, 1-BOB-2f Noah Taylor; 3m, 3f Logyn MacDonald.

Brown African: 1-BOB-m Joe & Jody MacIntyre; 2m, 1f Lorina Murphy.
Grey Saddleback: 1-BOB-m Joe & Jody MacIntyre.
Brown Chinese: 1-BOB-m, 1,3f Gordon Murphy; 2m, 2f Logyn MacDonald.
White Chinese: 1,2f Gordon Murphy.
Eastern Canada: 1-BOB-m, 1f Blaine Taylor.

Bronze: 1-BOB-m Gordon Murphy.
Beltsville Small White: 1-BOB-m Gordon Murphy.

Pearl: 1-BOB-2,3,4c, 1,2,3,4h James Carson.

Blue Bar American Show Racer: 1,2c, 1,2h Brian MacInnis.
Red Check American Show Racer: 1-BOB-2c, 1,2h Brian MacInnis; 3,4c, 3h Vance Foreman.
A.O.C. American Show Racer: 1,2,4c, 3h Brian MacInnis; 3c, 4h Blaine Taylor; 1h Stephen Oulton; 2h Noah Taylor.
Chinese Owl: 1-BOB-2,4c, 2,3,4h Vance Foreman; 3c, 1h Trevor MacDonald.
Classic Frill: 1c, 1-BOB-h Owen Foreman.
Damascene: 1-BOB-c, 1h Trevor MacDonald.
Fantail: 1-BOB-c Trevor MacDonald; 2c, 1h Gordon Murphy.
Flying Roller: 1,2,3c, 1-BOB-2h Terry Bannister; 4c, 3h Trevor MacDonald.
Komorner Tumbler: 1-BOB-2,3c Aubrey Simm; 4c Gordon Murphy.
Modena: 1-BOB-2,3c, 1,3,4h Owen Foreman; 4c Jesse Thorne; 2h Stephen Oulton.
Old German Owl: 1-BOB-2c, 1h Jesse Thorne.
Portuguese Tumbler: 1-BOB-2,3,4c, 1,2,3h Brian MacInnis; 4h Jim Brimicombe.
Racing Homer: 1-BOB-2,3c, 1,4h Trevor MacDonald; 4c, 2,3h Vance Foreman.
Runt: 1-BOB-2c, 1,2h Ed McPhee.
Saddle Homer: 1-BOB-c Will Trainor.
Show King: 1-BOB-c, 2h Gordon Murphy; 2c, 1h Trevor MacDonald.
Show Roller: 1-BOB-2,3,4c, 1,2,3h Aubrey Simm.
Show Tippler: 1c, 1-BOB-h Vance Foreman.
Show Type Homer: 1-BOB-3c, 1,3h Vance Foreman; 2c, 2h Stephen Oulton; 4c, 4h Trevor MacDonald.
West of England Tumbler: 1-BOB-2c, 1,2h Owen Foreman.
Pied Ringneck Dove: 1c, 1h Trevor MacDonald; 2c, 2h Will Trainor; 3c Terry Bannister.
A.O.C. Ringneck Dove: 1-BOB-c Terry Bannister; 2c Drew Trainor.
Diamond Dove: 1c Will Trainor.

Barnacle Goose: 1-BOB-m Will Trainor.
Cackling Canada: 1-BOB-f Noah Taylor.
Giant Canada: 1-BOB-m Noah Taylor; 2m, 1f Will Trainor.
Coloured Wood: 1-BOB-2m, 1f Will Trainor; 2f Drew Trainor.
Apricot Wood: 1f Will Trainor
Northern Pintail: 1-BOB-m, 1f Will Trainor.
Coloured Mandarin: 1-BOB-m, 2f Drew Trainor; 1-BOB-f Will Trainor.
Red Golden Pheasant: 1-BOB-m, 1f Will Trainor.


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