Winter Show Results 2010

2010 Winter Show Results

Judge: Steve Webster
Number of birds shown: 166


Champion Standard (Black Hamburg hen) – T. MacDonald

Reserve Standard (S.C. White Leghorn cock) – T. MacDonald

Champion Bantam (Black Rosecomb hen) – T. MacDonald

Reserve Bantam (White Wyandotte cock) – J. Butler

Champion Duck (Grey Mallard drake) – B. Taylor (GRAND CHAMPION)

Reserve Duck (Black East Indie Duck) – L. Taylor

Champion Pigeon (Blue Check Racing Homer cock) – T. MacDonald

Reserve Pigeon (Mealy Voorburg Shield Cropper cock) – J/B Perry

Champion Junior Exhibit (White Call Duck) – N. Taylor


Brahma: 1-BOB-2h Andrew Greene
Australorp: 1-BOB-h Jack & Ben Perry
Hamburg: 1,2c, 1-BOB-2h Trevor MacDonald
Leghorn: 1-BOB-c T. MacDonald
Modern Game: 1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald 2c, 2,3,4h J/B Perry


Modern Game: 1c, 1-BOB-h Brian Court
Black Old English Game: 1,2c, 1,2h Twin Sickles Game Ranch 3c, 3h Lorina Murphy
Black-Red Old English Game: 1-BOB-2c, 1,2h Twin Sickles Game Ranch 3c, 3h Jackie Newcombe 4h B. Court
Spangled Old English Game: 1,2c, 1,2h Twin Sickles Game Ranch
A.O.V. Old English Game: 1c J. Newcombe 2c, 1h B. Court 2,4h Noah Taylor 3h A. Greene
Japanese: 1c,1-BOB-2h T. MacDonald
S.C. White Leghorn: 1c, 2h T. MacDonald 2c, 1h Hilton Bryanton 3,4c, 3,4h William VanIderstine
S.C Light Brown Leghorn: 1c, 1h H. Bryanton 2c, 2h W. VanIderstine
Plymouth Rock: 1-BOB-c, 1h T. MacDonald 2c,2h N. Taylor
Silver Spangled Hamburg: 1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald 2c, 2h Hilton Bryanton
Black Rosecomb: 1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald 2c, 2,4h James Butler 3c, 3h L. Murphy
Black Wyandotte: 1,2c, 1,2h J. Butler
White Wyandotte: 1-BOB-c, 1h J. Butler 2c, 2h J/B Perry
A.O.V. Wyandotte: 1c, 1h J. Butler
White Chantecler: 1-BOB-c, 1h T. MacDonald 2c, 2h L. Murphy
Dark Cornish: 1-BOB-c, 2h J. Newcombe 2,3c, 1,3h N. Taylor
Brahma: 1c, 1-BOB-2h J. Butler


Muscovy: 1-BOB-m, 1f L. Murphy
Buff: 1m, 1BOB-2f L. Murphy
Cayuga: 1m, 1-BOB-2f L. Murphy
Swede: 1-BOB-2f L. Murphy
Khaki Campbell: 1m, 1-BOB-f Leif Taylor 2m, 2,3f L. Murphy
White Indian Runner: 1-BOB-m, 1f H. Bryanton 2m, 2,3,4f A. Greene
A.O.V. Indian Runner: 1m, 2f H. Bryanton 2,3m, 1,3f A. Greene
White Call: 1m, 2f J. Butler 2,3m 1-BOB-f N. Taylor
A.O.V. Call: 1,2f N. Taylor
Black East Indie: 1,2,3m, 2,4f J/B Perry 4m, 1-BOB-3f L. Taylor
Grey Mallard: 1-BOB-3m, 2,3f B. Taylor 2,4m, 1,4f L. Taylor


Chinese Owl: 1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald
Fantail: 1-BOB-c, 1h Laura Webster
Flying Roller: 1-BOB-h J/B Perry
Helmet: 1c, 1-BOB-h L. Webster
Ice Pigeon: 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald
Indian Fantail: 1-BOB-2c L. Webster
Jacobin: 1c, 1-BOB-h L. Webster
Komorner Tumbler: 1-BOB-c, 1h T. MacDonald
Modena: 1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald
Racing Homer: 1-BOB-c, 1h T. MacDonald
Show Type Homer: 1-BOB-c T. MacDonald
Voorburg Shield Cropper: 1-BOB-c. T. MacDonald


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