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Bulletin March 2016


Executive Committee

Leif Taylor, Searletown – President

James Butler, Alliston – Vice President

Jeremy Ludyka, Cornwall – Interim Secretary

Stephen Webster, Tarantum – Treasurer

Volume 34 Number 9 March, 2017


S T A N D A R D S: PLYMOUTH ROCK: 1-BOB-2,3h Rodney Clow. RHODE ISLAND RED: 1-BOB-h C S Poultry. JERSEY GIANT: 1-BOB-h Trevor MacDonald. ORPINGTON: 1c, 1-BOB-h Steve Webster. SUSSEX: 1-BOB-3h R. Clow; 2h C S Poultry. HAMBURG: 1,2c, 1-BOB-2h T. MacDonald. MODERN GAME: 1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald. B A N T A M S: MODERN GAME: 1c, 1-BOB-2h Jim Brimicombe. OLD ENGLISH GAME: 1c J. Brimicombe; 1-BOB-2,3,4h Forestbrook Farm. WHITE PLYMOUTH ROCK: 1-BOB-c, 1h J. Brimicombe; 2c, 4h T. MacDonald; 3c, 2h Noah Taylor; 4c, 3h S, Webster. A.O.V. PLYMOUTH ROCK: 1c, 1h J. Brimicombe. S.C. RHODE ISLAND RED: 1c, 4h T. MacDonald; 2,4c, 1-BOB-2,3h R. Clow; 3c Leif Taylor. SILVER SPANGLED HAMBURG: 1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald; 2,3c, 3,4h Will Trainor; 2h Stephen Oulton. SEBRIGHT: 1c, 1-BOB-h Forestbrook Farm. BLACK WYANDOTTE: 1.2c, 1,2h J. Butler. PARTRIDGE WYANDOTTE: 1c, 3h C S Poutry; 2c, 2h J. Butler; 3,4c R. Clow; 1,4h S. Webster. SILVER LACED WYANDOTTE: 1c C S Poultry; 1-BOB-2h J.Butler. A.O.V. WYANDOTTE: 1,3,4c, 1,2,3,4h C S Poultry; 2c J. Butler. CORNISH: 1c, 1-BOB-h J. Brimicombe. MALAY: 1-BOB-c T. MacDonald. MADAGASCAR GAME: 1c, 1-BOB-h J. Brimicombe. SALMON FAVEOLLE: 1,2c, 1-BOB-2h S. Webster. D U C K S: ROUEN: 1-BOB-m C S Poultry. GREY INDIAN RUNNER: 1,2,3,4f N. Taylor. A.O.V. INDIAN RUNNER: 1-BOB-2,3m Forestbrook Farm. GREY CALL: 1,2,3,4m, 1-BOB-2,3f N. Taylor; 4f C S Poultry. WHITE CALL: 1,3m, 1,2,4f L. Taylor; 2m, 3f Owen Pearce. BLACK EAST INDIE: 1-BOB-2,3m, 1,2,3f L. Taylor; 4m, 4f W. Trainor. GREY MALLARD: 1m, 1-BOB-f Blaine Taylor; 2m, 2f N. Taylor. G E E S E: PILGRIM: 1-BOB-2f N. Taylor. CHINESE: 1-BOB-m L. Taylor; 2m B. Taylor. EGYPTIAN: 1m, 1-BOB-f Jeremy Ludyka. EASTERN CANADA: 1-BOB-m, 1f B. Taylor. CACKLING CANADA: 1-BOB-m, 1f B. Taylor. GREYLAG: 1-BOB-m, 1f B. Taylor. P I G E O N S: AMERICAN SHOW RACER: 1-BOB-c, 1h S. Oulton. GERMAN BEAUTY HOMER: 1-BOB-c, 1h S. Oulton. ICE PIGEON: 1-BOB-c T. MacDonald. MODENA: 1-BOB-c, 1h S. Oulton. PORTUGUESE TUMBLER: 1,2c, 1-BOB-2h S. Oulton. RACING HOMER: 1-BOB-3c, 1,3h S. Oulton 2c, 2h T. MacDonald. RUNT: 1-BOB-c Forestbrook Farm. SHOW TYPE HOMER: 1c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald. WEST OF ENGLAND TUMBLER: 1-BOB-c, 1h S. Oulton. DOVE: 1-BOB-c, 1h J. Ludyka. G U I N E A F O W L: ANY VARIETY: 1-BOB-c, 1,2h B. Taylor.


Champion Standard – Silver Spangled Hamburg hen – T. MacDonald

Reserve Standard – Black Jersey Giant hen – T. MacDonald

Champion Bantam – Silver Laced Wyandotte hen – J. Butler (GRAND CHAMPION)

Reserve Bantam – White Plymouth Rock cock – J. Brimicombe

Champion Duck – White Indian Runner drake – Forestbrook Farm


Reserve Duck – Grey Call duck – N. Taylor

Champion Goose – Brown Chinese gander – L. Taylor

Reserve Goose – Coloured Egyptian goose – J. Ludyka

Champion Pigeon – Red Portuguese Tumbler hen – S. Oulton

Reserve Pigeon – Blue Bar Racing Homer cock – S. Oulton

Champion Junior Exhibit – Grey Call duck – N. Taylor

Judge – Alan Hamilton (Chickens, Waterfowl, & Guineas) & Brian MacInnis (Pigeons)

Number of birds shown – 170



(Sally Huntington & Alan Blanchard)


Also know as King Quail (in Australia) and/or Chinese Painted Quail.

Name “button” probably because chicks are size of a button.

Can be found in all parts of the world.

Have been kept for hundreds of years, once even used in Asia for “cock fighting”.


Terrestrial birds, ground dwelling, feet can not perch.

Flight limited to quick bursts (striaght up, with wings flapping) when freightened. Runs for cover upon landding. In small cages, they can seriously hurt their head. Best transported in paper bags or padded ceiling in cages.

Lays on side to sunbathe.

Baths is dirt (or seed) not water. Can easily drown in “deep” water dishes. Chicks especially drown easily.

Are generally territorial, but need one companion.

Cocks will emit a low growl sound, 5-7 seconds in length at about 40 decibels, followed by 5-10 crows at about 70 decibels.

Buttons do not like to be alone. Cocks will do non-stop crowing when alone.

Hen makes a soft “peep peep” sound used to call chicks.


Scavengers: seed, small insects, egg food, grit, cuttle bone, millet.

Fresh water; very shallow dishes (so chicks won’t drown) or water bottles.


Usually one pair per aviary flight.

Introduce both birds into flight at the same time, to reduce fighting.

Dry ground, sand, hay (wire cage bottoms are too hard on their feet and cannot be tolerated).




March 15 – Deadline for listings for the Maritime Fanciers Directory

April 3– ANNUAL MEETING (Atlantic Vet College, Charlottetown. 7:00). Use main entrance.

May 6– Valley Fanciers Spring Show (Windsor, NS)

May 20 – 32nd Annual P.E.I. Spring Show (Borden-Carleton)

June 4 – Greater Moncton Fur & Feather Club Buy-Sell-Trade Day (Petitcodiac, NB)

July 28 – Northumberland Fisheries Festival Poultry Show (Murray River)

July 29 – Crapaud Exhibition (Crapaud)

August 13-16 – P.E.I. Provincial Exhibition Poultry Show (Charlottetown)

August 25-27 – P.E.I. Plowing Match & Agricultural Fair (Dundas)

September 1-2 – Egmont Bay-Mont Carmel Exhibition (Abram’s Village)

September 10 – Eastern Kings Exhibiton (Souris)

September 23-24 – New Brunswick Fall Show (Petitcodiac)

October 14-15 – Nova Scotia Fall Classic (Middle Musquodoboit)

November 12 – 89th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Poultry Show (Toronto)


-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE: T-shirts – $13.00 and Crests – $4.00. Contact the secretary for items.

-There are still some Spring Show awards needing sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring an award, contact the secretary. They cost $20 each.

-Note that it is once again that time of the year to renew your membership. Please do so soon.

-There was an error in the last newsletter regarding the date of the Greater Mocton Buy-Sell. It was listed as June 3 which is a Saturday. It should be June 4. The correct date is published this month.

-The Department of Agriculture is looking to go to electronic delivery of out club newsletter. Please forward your email to the editor so that this change can be made. Those without email will still be able to receive their newsletter by regular mail. PLEASE FORWARD YOUR EMAIL ASAP.

-Unfortunately, after just one year of operation, the Atlantic Agricultural Fall Fair in Halifax will not operate in 2017. According to Board Chairman Dave Logie, the attendance numbers did not come up to what was needed. The final day of the fair, Thanksgiving Monday, was a disastrous day with pouring rain and high winds; that certainly did not help.


If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting and wish to renew your membership, simply fill out this form and mail it to the secretary with the proper funds enclosed.

Name ____________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________

Type of membership: _____ Senior ($10.00)

_____ Junior (No charge) Under 18

Make cheques payable to: P.E.I. Purebred Poultry (Fanciers) Association

Mail to: Jeremy Ludyka, 194 Cornwall Rd., Cornwall, P.E.I. C0A 1H4


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