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January 2017 Bulletin

Volume 34 Number 7 January, 2017


Editor’s note: Once again, the past year has been an event-filled one in the life of our association and the fancy in general. Here is a brief look back at what took place.

In January, things were very quiet. Some members were busy getting breeding pens set up and getting those first eggs in the incubator. Jeremy Ludyka and Trevor MacDonald attended the Sarnia Poultry, Pigoen & Pet Stock Association Show in Ontario and did well; Jeremy came away with Reserve Waterfowl on an Egyptian.

In February, hatching had started for some people.

March was the start of the show season on the Island with the 14h annual Winter Show, held in Kensington. There were 169 birds shown which was the same as the year before. The show was delayed a day due to impending poor weather on the Saturday. Otherwise, the show would have been larger as some exhibitors could not make it on the alternate date. The grand champion was a Grey Call duck shown by Noah Taylor. The judge was Brian MacInnis. Mark Camilleri was confirmed as the judge for Old Home Week. It was decided to offer money prizes to champions and reserves in the junior classes at the Spring Show.

The annual meeting and the Bantam & Pigeon Show were held in Murray River on April 2. Entries were down. There were 83 bird s shown. Judge Steve Webster chose a White Plymouth Rock hen as grand champion. The winning entry was exhibited by Trevor MacDonald. The association ended the year in sound financial shape and had 61 members on the list. The election of officers returned the prvious slate for another year. The annual meeting marked the 40th anniversary of the association. It was agreed that the annual meeting in 2017 would return to an evening meeting in Charlottetown. The Bantam & Pigeon Show was still planned on being held on the first Saturday in April.

The association hosted its 31st annual Spring Show in May. Entries were up with 483 shown. Merle Watson of Nova Scotia had the grand champion on a White Wyandotte bantam cock. Danny Padgett of Florida judged the show. Earlier in the month, several members showed at the Valley Fanciers Spring Show in Windsor, NS. Trevor MacDonald took grand champion with a Black Wyandotte bantam cock. A number of other top awards were won by club members there. The provincial government informed the association that it would no longer be involved in the ILT program, thus ending the 40 year program. However, funding would be available to provide the service through a veterinarian for this year. Representatives of the association met with government and were able to work out an arrangement for this year. The concern was that Island members would not be able to show in New Brunswick without proper paperwork. Martin Smith passed away at the age of 49.

The annual Spring I.L.T. vaccination took place in June with Jill Wood conducting the work. It was anounced that the Nova Scotia Fall Classic would not be held in Truro on a different weekend than was originally planned; it was one weekend earlier. Brian MacInnis was nominated to judge the show at Crapaud Exhibition. Jamie Matts in New York was contacted to see about judging the 2017 Spring Show. He expressed an interest in coming.

As usual, the summer fair season got underway in July. The Northumberland Fisheries Festival show was held in Murray River on the 30th with Steve Webster judging. It was one of the largest shows ever held at Northumberland. The grand champion was a White Plymouth Rock Bantam cock shown by Trevor MacDonald. On the following day, judge Brian MacInnis awarded top honours at the Crapaud Exhibition show to a White Wyandotte bantam cock shown by Gordon Murphy. It was announced that the poultry show at the Royal Winter Fair would be a one-day show this year.

The summer’s two largest Island fairs were held in August. At Old Home Week, the number of entries was much higher than anticipated. As a result, some exhibitors did not get their entries in. Over 600 birds were entered. Andrew Greene from Nova Scotia took the grand champion title with a White Plymouth Rock bantam pullet. The Dundas Fair had a full barn over the three days of the fair. George Piers was booked to judge the poultry and waterfowl, but had to withdraw due to an appointment. He was replaced by Steve Webster. Garth Taylor judged the pigeons. They selected an Embden gander shown by Jack Blaisdell as grand champion. Early in August, two member showed at the Westmorland County Fair in New Brunswick. Will Trainor took Champion Pigeon and Champion Junior Pigeon as well as Reserve Junior Pigeon. Trevor MacDonald picked up Reserve Standard and Reserve Pigeon.

September brought the fair season to an end and saw the beginning of the fall shows. The Egmont Bay-Mont Camel Exhibition was held on Labour Day weekend. The judge was Garth Taylor who picked a White Hamburg cock as grand champion. It was shown by Trevor MacDonald. The first-ever Quebec Poultry Classic was held in Ormstown on September 3. Jeremy Ludyka and Trevor MacDonald exhibited. Jeremy won Champion Standard on a White Wyandotte hen and Reserve Waterfowl on an Egyptian gander. Trevor had Champion Continental on a White Hamburg hen. The Pictou County-North Colchester Exhibition in Nova Scotia saw two Island exhibitors showing. Gordon Murphy had Best Gander, Best Goose and Best Standard Trio. Trevor MacDonald had several good placings. The Eastern Kings Exhibition was the last Island show for the season. Trevor MacDonald took the Grand Champion title with a White Hamburg hen. Scott Mitchell judged the show. Trevor MacDonald exhibited at the Hants County Exhibition in Windsor, N.S.m where he won Champion Standard – Black Jersey Giant hen, Reserve Standard – Silver Spangled Hamburg hen, Champion Bantam – White Plymouth Rock cock and Champion Pigeon – Flying Roller cock. The Plymouth Rock went on to be Grand Champion of the Show. The N.B. Fall Show was held in Petitcodiac with Island members taking several top awards. At the September meeting, it was agreed to ask Old Home Week to place a limit of 50 birds per farm. This was in response to some exhibitors not getting entries in at this year`s show. Trevor MacDonald announced that he was stepping down as secretary after thity-and-a-half years citing recent developments. Jeremy Ludyka was named as interim secretary.


The end of the local show season came in October with the 41st annual N.S. Fall Classic. Island members did well once again, including Gordon Murphy winning Champion Goose on a Brown Chinese and Jeremy Ludyka winning Reserve Goose on a Grey Toulouse. Following an absence of a year, a fall fair returned to Halifax. Although there was no poultry show, a poultry display was a part of the agriculture show

The Royal Winter Fair Poultry Show was held on November 13, the last day of the fair. Numbers were up some from the previous year. Club members once again showed at the Royal and did well. Trevor MacDonald judged standards and Steve Webster judged pigeons at this year`s Royal. A number of new birds made their way back to the Island as a result of the trip. There was no fall ILT work done this year.

The December meeting was held on the 5th with a good attendance. It was announced that Jamie Matts would be too expensive to bring in to judge the Spring Show. Paul Kroll was contacted and will come. There was some interest in having a fall show in 2017. It was announced that the Bantam & Pigeon Show would not be held next April.



March ? – NEXT MEETING (At the Winter Show, Kensington)

March ? – 15th Annual P.E.I. Winter Show (Kensington)

March 15 – Deadline for Maritime Fanciers Directory listing

April 3 – Annual Meeting (Charlottetown)

May 6 – Valley Fanciers Spring Show (Windsor, NS)

May 20 – 32nd Annual P.E.I. Spring Show (Borden-Carleton)

-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE: T-shirts – $13.00; Crests – $4.00. Contact the secretary for items.

-Cash Draw tickets will soon be available. This is an important fund-raiser. Please support it.

-WANTED: Silkies. Contact Blaine Taylor, Burlington 836-3421. 01-17

-Apparently there was an error in the last newsletter with the listing of the date of the Winter Show. After the newsletter came out, it was brought to my attention that the date of March 4 was not the confirmed date. A date will be advertsied when it is confirmed.


Happy New Year!


Live Science

Editor’s note: Several months ago, I included some of this information. This is a continuation of that same material.

1. As many hunters know, a turkey has excellent vision. Because its eyes are on the side of its head, they turkey has periscopic vision, which allows it to see objects that are not in its direct line of vision. By rotating its head, the turkey has a 360-degree field of vision, acording to James G. Dickson’s “The Wild Turkey: Biology and Management” (Stackpole Books, 1992).

2. When a turkey becomes frightened, agitated, excited or ill, the exposed skin on its head and neck can change from its usual pale pink or bluish gray color to red, white, or blue. And during mating season, the male turkey’s wattle turns sarlet to reflects its elevated sex hormome levels. The fleshy flap of skin that hangs over the gobbler’s neak is called a snood and also turns bright red when the bird is excited.


Well, it has been quite a year. I had the opportunity to show at the Sarnia show again in Janary which was a good time. I also was pleased to be asked to judge the junior show there. I really enjoyed judging the exhibition at Trois Rivieres, Quebec, in July. And I finished off the show year with the honour of judging at the Royal Winter Fair.

Not everything was rosey this past year. I will not harp on those however. I like to think that there were more good things than bad.

Trevor MacDonald,



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