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May Bulletin



May 14 – Set up for Spring Show (Meeting at Sanderson Farm at 9:00 AM)

May 21 – 31st Annual P.E.I. Spring Show (Borden-Carleton)

June 5 – Greater Moncton Fur & Feather Club Buy-Sell-Trade Day (Petitcodiac, NB)

June 6 – NEXT MEETING (Atlantic Vet College, 7:30). Use main entrance

July 29 – Northumberland Fisheries Festival Poultry Show (Murray River)

July 30 – Crapaud Exhibition (Crapaud)

August 14-17 – P.E.I. Provincial Exhibition Poultry Show (Charlottetown)

August 26-28 – P.E.I. Plowing Match & Agricultural Fair (Dundas)

September 2-3 – Egmont Bay-Mont Carmel Exhibition (Abram’s Village)

September 11 – Eastern Kings Exhibition (Souris)

September 24-25 – New Brunswick Fall Show (Petitcodiac)

October 22-23 – Nova Scotia Fall Classic (Middle Musquodoboit)

November 8-9 – 87th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Poultry Show (Toronto)

-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE: T-shirts – $13.00 and Crests – $4.00. Contact the secretary for items.

-Members are reminded to return all sold Cash Draw tickets to the Spring Show on May 21. The draw will take place that afternoon. Even if you don’t sell any, PLEASE at least buy some for yourself and help support the club. If every member even bought one book, the raffle would turn a profit!

-Your help is greatly appreciated and needed for the Spring Show. Set-up and tear-down require workers. Also, help is needed during the day of the show.

-A reminder to those who have not yet renewed their memberships that you must renew your membership in order to remain on the active members list. Please send in your membership today.

-Sympathies are extended to Everett MacNeill on the recent passing of his mother.

-WELCOME to the association is extended to Aiden MacDonald, Covehead.

-WELCOME BACK to the association is extended to Hal Perry, Tignish.

-Members will be advised that due to recent budget constraints, there will not be a provincial ILT program provided this year. Members are urged to obtain the vaccine and do their own birds if they intend to show.

-It is with regret that I pass along word of the sudden death of one of our members. Martin Smith of Belfast passed away at Kings County Memorial Hospital on May 3 after a sudden illness. He was 49.


MAY 21st

CELEBRATING 40 YEARS … 1976-2016



Editor’s note: I recently received a message informing me of the passing of Jim McPhail from Georgetown, Ontario. Mr. McPhail judged here at both the Spring Show and Old Home Week. He judged the 2003 Spring Show (poultry and waterfowl). The pigeon judge was Ryan Ward. There were 764 birds entered that year. The top awards from that show are below:

Grand Champion – White Wyandotte Cock – Merle Watson

Reserve Grand Champion – Red M.F. Helmet Cock – Maurice Tibbits

Champion Standard – White Wyandotte Cock – Merle Watson

Reserve Standard – White Plymouth Rock Cock – Stewart Bleakney

Champion Bantam – Dark Cornish Hen – Darren Porter

Reserve Bantam – Black Tailed White Japanese Cock – Trevor MacDonald

Champion Duck – Rouen Duck – Colbourne Clow

Reserve Duck – Grey Call Duck – B & A Ducks

Champion Goose – Brown Chinese Gander – Joe MacIntyre

Reserve Goose – Embden Gander – Martin Poirier

Champion Turkey – Royal Palm Tom – Tiffany Jones

Champion Pigeon – Red M.F. Helmet Cock – Maurice Tibbits

Reserve Pigeon – Blue Check Chinese Owl Cock – Maurice Tibbits

Champion Game Fowl – Blue Shoulder Peafowl Cock – Charlotte MacDonald

Reserve Game Fowl – Dusky Canada Gander – Taylor’s Wild Waterfowl

Champion Junior Standard – Barred Plymouth Rock Cock – Bennett Crane

Champion Junior Bantam – Partridge Wyandotte Hen – Danielle Hurley

Champion Junior Waterfowl – White Call Duck – Brody Colpitts

Champion Junior Pigeon – Silver Flying Roller Hen – Danielle Hurley


As I was putting the final touches on this month’s newsletter, I received a message from Brian Court informing me of the sudden passing of Martin Smith. Martin had been a member of the association for several years. He, along with his wife Kim, set up and managed our web site for a number of years.

We have received word that the government will no longer be providing the ILT service to the purebred fanciers on the Island. This has been in place for 40 years. It is unfortunate to see it come to an end. I have had the opportunity to do the work on behalf of the province for a number of years. Over that time, I have travelled thousands of miles across the province, met lots of people, and vaccinted thousands of birds. To those who were always welcoming to me on my visits, I extend my thanks. It was a lot of fun.

Trevor MacDonald,



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