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Bulletin January 2016

Executive Committee

Leif Taylor, Searletown – President

James Butler, Alliston – Vice President

Trevor MacDonald, Murray River – Secretary

Stephen Webster, Tarantum – Treasurer

Volume 33   Number 7           January, 2016


Editor’s note:  Once again, the past year has been an event-filled one in the life of our association and the fancy in general.  Here is a brief look back at what took place.

In January, things were very quiet.  Some members were busy getting breeding pens set up and getting those first eggs in the incubator.

In February, Jeremy Ludyka and Trevor MacDonald made the trip to Ontario to show at the Sarnia Poultry, Pigeon, & Pet Stock Association’s 100th anniversary show.  The show played host to the A.P.A. Semi-Annual Meet as well as the A.P.A. Canadian National Meet.  Both exhibitors did well; Jeremy had champion and reserve Guinea.  It was anounced that our club was in need of a new person to look after the club’s web site.

March was the start of the show season on the Island with the 13th annual Winter Show, held in Kensington.  There were 169 birds shown.  The judge was Steve Webster who selected a Black East Indie drake shown by Leif Taylor as grand champion.  For the first time at the Winter Show, geese were shown.  After 75 years in publication, the Feather Fancier announced it was publishing its last issue.  The paper was eventually sold and started up again.

The annual meeting and the Bantam & Pigeon Show were held in Murray River on April 4.  Entries were up by a good amount wth 163 birds shown.  Judge Leif Taylor chose a Black Wyandotte cock as grand champion.  The winning entry was exhibited by Trevor MacDonald.  The association ended the year in sound financial shape and had 65 members on the list.  Leif Taylor replaced Hilton Bryanton as president.  James Butler was elected the new vice president.  The secretary and treasurer remained the same.  Jill Wood volunteered to take on the role of manager of the web site.  It was agreed that pocket knives and travel mugs would be ordered as souvenirs for all Spring Show exhibitors.

The association hosted its 30th annual Spring Show in May.  Entries were up with 449 shown.  Alan Hamilton of Nova Scotia had the grand champion on a Black Cochin bantam hen.  Dr. William Patterson and Jamie Carson judged the show.  Earlier in the month, several members showed at the Valley Fanciers Spring Show in Windsor, NS.  A number of top awards were won by club members there.  The Spring ILT program was scheduled for the week of June 22.  The association set by a Face Book account with the help of Mark Dingwell who volunteered to look after it.  The main topic at the monthly meeting was the matter of how Nova Scotia poultry exhibitors were going to be able to show on the Island in 2016 with the end of the ILT program having taken place in that province.

The annual Spring I.L.T. vaccination took place in June.  The club once again agreed to sponsor the poultry awards at the 4-H Rural Youth Fair.  It was anounced that the Nova Scotia Fall Classic would not be held in Truro for the first time in its forty year history.  A new location was being searched for.

As usual, the summer fair season got underway in July.  The Northumberland Fisheries Festival show was held in Murray River on the 24th with Steve Webster judging.  The grand champion was a White Plymouth Rock Bantam hen shown by Trevor MacDonald.  On the following day, judge   Garth Taylor awarded top honours at the Crapaud Exhibition show to a White Plymouth Rock Bantam hen shown by Trevor MacDonald.

The summer’s two largest Island fairs were held in August.  At Old Home Week, the grand champion went to a Grey Call old female shown by Leif Taylor.  The Dundas Fair celebrated its 75th anniversary this year.  The judge was Dave Affleck from Ontario.  He selected a Cayuga drake shown by Jeremy Ludyka as grand champion.  Early in August, two member showed at the Westmorland County Fair in New Brunswick.  Will Trainor took Champion Ornamental, Champion Junior Ornamental, and Reserve Junior Pigeon.  Trevor MacDonald picked up the award for Champion Standard.

September brought the fair season to an end and saw the beginning of the fall shows.  The Egmont Bay-Mont Camel Exhibition was held on Labour Day weekend.  The judge was Leif Taylor who picked a Silver Spangled Hamburg bantam hen as grand champion.  It was shown by James Butler.  The Pictou County-North Colchester Exhibition in Nova Scotia saw two Island exhibitors showing.  Gordon Murphy had Best Drake with a White Muscovy and Trevor MacDonald won Best Standard Hen with a White Hamburg.

The Eastern Kings Exhibition was the last Island show for the season.  Trevor MacDonald took the Grand Champion title with a White Plymouth Rock bantam hen.  Garth Taylor judged the show.

Trevor MacDonald exhibited at the Hants County Exhibition in Windsor, N.S.  This was the fair’s 250th anniversary this year.  Trevor won Champion Standard – Silver Spangled Hamburg hen, Reserve Standard – Silver Spangled Haburg cock, and Champion Bantam – Black Wyandotte cock.  The Wyandotte went on to be Reserve Grand Champion of the Show.

The N.B. Fall Show was held in Petitcodiac with Island members taking several top awards.  At the September meeting, it was agreed that N.S. exhibitors coming to our club shows must have proof that their birds were vaccinated by a vet and that it must be officially documented.  The Winter Show would be held again in Kensington.  A new national publication for the fancy was launched in in Ontario, The Exhibitor.

The end of the local show season came in October with the 40th  annual N.S. Fall Classic.  The Classic found a new home at the exhibition grounds in Middle Musquodoboit.  It proved to be a good  location.  Island members did very well in the show.  On Thanksgiving weekend, Jeremy Ludyka and Trevor MacDonald showed at the Rockton World’s Fair in Ontario.  Jeremy won Champion Goose (Coloured Egyptian gander), Reserve Duck (Cayuga drake), and Reserve Bantam (Black Old English Game cock); Trevor had the Champion Standard with a White Hamburg pullet.

The Royal Winter Fair Poultry Show was held on November 10 and 11.  Numbers were down some from the previous year.  Club members once again showed at the Royal and did well.  A number of new birds made their way back to the Island as a result of the trip.  The fall ILT work was completed late in the month.  The number of birds vaccinated was up from the previous year.

The December meeting was held on the 8th with a good attendance.  Mark Camilleri and Paul Kroll were nominated as possible judges for Old Home Week in 2016.  Jamie Matts, Paul Kroll, and Richard Hickman were nominated as possible judges for the Spring Show in 2017.  Brian MacInnis was nominated to judge the Winter Show and Steve Webster was named as the judge for the Bantam & Pigeon Show.  It was suggested that all junior exhibitors be given a rosette for showing at the Spring Show. A decision was made to add a showmanship class for 4-H exhibitors at the Spring Show.  Trevor MacDonald was returned as the association’s representative to the Provincial Exhibition board.



March 5 – NEXT MEETING (At the Winter Show, Kensington)

March 5 – 14th Annual P.E.I. Winter Show (Kensington)

March 15 – Deadline for Maritime Fanciers Directory listings

April 2 – 19th Annual P.E.I. Bantam & Pigeon Show (Murray River)

April 2 – Annual Meeting (Murray River)

May 7 – Valley Fanciers Spring Show (Windsor, NS)

May 21 – 31st  Annual P.E.I. Spring Show (Borden-Carleton)

-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE:  T-shirts – $13.00; Crests – $4.00.  Contact the secretary for items.

-Cash Draw tickets will soon be available.  This is an important fund-raiser.  Please support it.

-FOR SALE:  Pair Barnacle Geese (3-4 years old), a variety of two-hole and four-hole show boxes, and wire cages.  Contact Brian MacInnis, Traveller’s Rest   436-4983.     01/16


New Year!


Live Science

Editor’s note:  Last month, I included some of this information.  This is a continuation of that same material.

1.  The Americans almost had the turkey as their national bird.  Apparently, Benjamin Franklin was a big fan of the humble, gobbling bird.  According to the Franklin Institute, he wrote in a letter to his daughter:

“For my own part, I wish the bald eagle had not been been chosen as the representative

of our country; as he is a bird of bad moral character; he does not get his living honestly

… like those among men who live by sharping and robbing … he is generally poor, and

often lousy.  Besides, he is a rank coward; the little king-bird, not bigger than a sparrow

attacks him boldly and drives him out of the district ….  For in truth, the turkey is in

comparison a much more respectable bird, and in withal a true original native of

America.  Eagles have been found in all countries, but the turkey was peculiar to

ours ….”

2.  Wild turkeys can fly for short bursts of speeds up to 55 miles per hour (89 km/h).  However, they aren’t often spotted soaring through the sky because they prefer to feed on the ground, where they peck at grass, seeds, acorns, nuts, berries, ansd small insects such as grasshoppers.  The myth of turkeys’ inability to fly may stem from the fact that many domestic turkeys, such as the broad-breasted white turkey – which is the most widely used breed commercially – cannot fly; they are too weighed down by their own meat.  These birds have been seclectively bred to be much heavier and possess a larger, broader breast, the weight of which keeps them perpetually grounded.


As I put the final touches on this first newsletter of 2016, we are in the closing days of 2015.  As I look back at the year, I realize how busy it has been.  I had the opportunity this past year to show at two places I had never shown before … Sarnia and Rockton.  Both were great trips and I had a great time.  Of course, I made my annual trip to The Royal which was a good time as always.  On the local scene, it was encourging to see our local shows well supported and some new faces around them.

Looking forward to the new year, plans are already underway for some of the first shows.  I hope you will take the opportunity when you can to show or at least come out and visit with other members and fanciers.

Trevor MacDonald,



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