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Bulletin May 2015


Executive Committee Leif Taylor, Searletown – President James Butler, Alliston – Vice President Trevor MacDonald, Murray River – Secretary Stephen Webster, Tarantum – Treasurer


June 1 – NEXT MEETING (Atlantic Vet College, 7:30). Use main entrance.

June 7 – Greater Moncton Fur & Feather Club Buy-Sell-Trade Day (Petitcodiac, NB)

July 24 – Northumberland Fisheries Festival Poultry Show (Murray River)

July 25 – Crapaud Exhibition (Crapaud) August 16-19 – P.E.I. Provincial Exhibition Poultry Show (Charlottetown)

August 28-30 – P.E.I. Plowing Match & Agricultural Fair (Dundas)

September 4-5 – Egmont Bay-Mont Carmel Exhibition (Abram’s Village)

September 13 – Eastern Kings Exhibition (Souris)

September 26-27 – New Brunswick Fall Show (Petitcodiac)

October 24-25 – Nova Scotia Fall Classic (Truro)

November 10-11 – 86th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Poultry Show (Toronto) –

CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE: T-shirts – $13.00 and Crests – $4.00. Contact the secretary for items. –


Jeremy Ludyka and Trevor MacDonald recently exhibited in Windsor, NS at the Valley Spring Show.  Several good wins were picked up.

The Guardian newspaper has advised us they will no longer be publishing the results of shows and exhibitions.  This is very unfortunate as it has been a great way to give all show exhibitors some recognition, whether it be for showing cattle, poultry or pickles.

CLOSING COMMENTS  After months of planning and lots of discussions, our 30th annual Spring Show is just a few days away.  It is a milestone for any show to last for this long, as many shows have come and gone since we first hosted ur showin 1986.  Even if you don’t have birds entered, please make an effort to come to Borden and see the show.

As I am sure most of you are aware, there have been outbreaks of avian influenza in commercial flocks in Ontario in the past month.  This is a very serious matter and has caught the attention of poultry people across the country, both commercial and hobby farmers. As a result, several shows and sales have been postponed or cancelled.  This has been a wise decision fromt hese clubs to do so.  We can only hope that the situation does not occur here.  Trevor MacDonald, Editor


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