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Bulletin December 2014

Hi, and welcome to the December 2014 Bulletin!

Note from Kim: Did any of you catch CBC’s “The Secret Life of Pigeons“? Quite interesting!

One thing we’ve noticed about our flock (mix of “street” and fancy pigeons) is that they know the alarm call of the blue jays. When the jays sound an alarm, the flock will immediately take flight and take to the skies. If they see a hawk, the group will swarm behind it. Better the enemy ahead of you than behind! We’ve seen some pretty exciting hawk vs. pigeon chases, as well!


The Royal Winter Fair poultry show was once again held over two days. A good show took place on November 11 and 12. There were 828 birds shown this year, a decrease of 76 over last year. There were several new exhibitors in the show.

The judges for this year’s Royal were Serge Poulin, Bedford, Que. (Standards), John Hoekstra, Wyoming Ont. (Bantams), William Shrum, Smithville, Ontario (Geese & Turkeys), Gerald Donnelly, Caledon, Ontario (Ducks), and Jeff Waite, Belleville, Ont. (Pigeons).

A Silver Spangled Hamburg cock shown by Trevor MacDonald was the Champion Continental. Trevor’s Silver Spangled Hamburg hen was the Reserve Continental.

As usual, a number of birds were brought back to the Island from the show. Hopefully they will make it through the winter and appear at next year’s shows.

Royal Winter Fair results (PEIPPFA members):

S T A N D A R D S:
CHANTECLER: 1-BOB-3c, 2,3k, 1,2p G. Oakes.
SILVER SPANGLED HAMBURG: 1-BOB0c, 1h, 1k, 1p Trevor MacDonald.
A.O.V. HAMBURG: 1c, 1h, 1k, 1p T. MacDonald.

B A N T A M S:
BLACK-RED OLD ENGLISH GAME: 1k, 1,2p |Jeremy Ludyka.
WHITE OLD ENGLISH GAME: 1c, 1h T. MacDonald.
A.O.V. JAPANESE: 1c, 1h, 1k, 1p.
LIGHT BROWN LEGHORN: 1k, 1p Steve Webster.
HAMBURG: 1-BOB-p T. MacDonald.
PARTRIDGE WYANDOTTE: 4h, 1,2k, 1p S. Webster.
A.O.V. A.O.C.C.L.: 1-BOB-c, 1h T. MacDonald.
LIGHT BRAHMA: 2c, 3h, 1,2p S. Webster.
A.O.V. FEATHER LEG: 1-BOB-c, 1h S. Webster.

D U C K S:
PEKIN: 2ym, 3yf Doug King*.
GREY CALL: 2ym, 1yf D. King.

G E E S E:
POMERANIAN: 2om, 2of G. Oakes.

P I G E O N S:
ICE PIGEON: 2c, 2h T. MacDonald.
KING: 2c, 2h T. MacDonald.
RACING HOMER: 1-BOB-c, 4h J. Ludyka; 2c, 2h T. MacDonald.
A.O.V. TUMBLER: 2c, 2h T. MacDonald.

*Island exhibitor, non-member

New article posted: Winter Care of Chickens


NEXT MEETING will take place in MARCH (At the Winter Show, Kensington)

-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE: T-shirts – $13.00 and Crests – $4.00. Contact the secretary for items. It is not too late to get some for Christmas gifts!

-IN THE EVENT that a winter meeting should be cancelled due to poor weather, the cancellation will be announced over CFCY and Ocean 100 radio stations. If you do not hear a cancellation on the radio and think there is a possibility that a meeting may be cancelled, give the secretary a call, 962-3307.

-A REMINDER that the Property Identification Forms which have become policy of the Department of Agriculture only have to be submitted once. If you happen to receive one and have already submitted your form to the Department, simply ignore it.

-A BIG WELCOME to the Association is extended to Jeff and his daughter Logyn of Cove Head!

Another year is closing out. Like most in recent times, it has flown by. It has been an interesting year for me for sure. I got the opportunity to go to some new places which I enjoyed greatly.

We saw the return of the horse and poultry shows to the Eastern Kings Exhibition which was a positive for sure. Hopefully they will continue.

I wish to extend a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all!

Trevor MacDonald,


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