Posted by: jsuz2000 | October 20, 2014

Bulletin October 2014

Hello and welcome to the October PEIPPFA Bulletin!

Items of Note:

Note that there will be no meeting in November.

-WELCOME to the association is extended to Christopher MacArthur, Keswick Ridge, N.B.

-Two members exhibited at the Hants County Exhibition in Windsor, NS, in September. Jeremy Ludyka had Champion Goose & Champion Waterfowl (Coloured Egyptian gander), Reserve Goose & Reserve Waterfowl (Brown Chinese gander), Champion Duck (White Indian Runner drake), and Reserve Duck (Grey Call duck). Trevor MacDonald had the Champion Standard which was also named Reserve Grand Champion of Show (Silver Spangled Hamburg cock).

-Three members showed at the Rochester Poultry Association show in Mumford, New York, recently. Jeremy Ludyka had the Res. Old English Game on a Black cockerel. Trevor MacDonald took Champion Continetal (White Hamburg pullet) and Reserce AOCCL (Wheaten Malay hen). Randy Angevine also showed and had some placings.

-The monthly meeting of the Prince Edward Island Purebred Poultry (Fanciers) Association was held on October 6 at the Atlantic Vet College in Charlottetown. There were nine members present. Some items discussed:

  • The secretary reported that the Eastern Kings Exhibition saw an increase of 102 birds shown over their last show.
  • The secretary read a thank you letter which was received from the P.E.I. 4-H Council for the sponsorship of the poultry classes at the Rural Youth Fair.
  • It was agreed the fall ILT vaccination program would take place the week of November 24.
  • The mornings and evenings are getting cooler these days. It is the time of year when many of us start giving that last look at what birds we plan to keep for the winter and those we can still let go.

    Jeremy Ludyka, Randy Angevine, and I recently had a great trip together. We travelled to New York and took in a show. The folks who operate the Rochester Poultry Association show were a wonderful group of the nicest people. They were helpful in so many ways. Yes, we did show as well. It was a show of just over 600 and we held our own very well (see results in “Notes of Interest”). We met and chatted with a number of fanciers who were in attendance.

    On the trip, we also had the opportunity to visit a couple of fanciers in the state and look at their birds and set-ups. It was a few tiring days, but well worth it.

    Trevor MacDonald


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