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Bulletin August 2014

Welcome to the August Bulletin!

At the shows:

Northumberland July 25th (for full results, click here):

Champion Standard – Buff Orpington Cock – G. Murphy
Reserve Standard – Silver Spangled Hamburg Hen – T. MacDonald
Champion Bantam – White Plymouth Rock Hen – T. MacDonald (GRAND CHAMPION)
Reserve Bantam – Salmon Faverolle Cock – S. Webster
Champion Duck – Grey Call Duck – J. Ludyka
Reserve Duck – Grey Call Drake – J. Ludyka
Champion Goose – Coloured Egyptian Gander – J. Ludyka
Reserve Goose – Brown Chinese Goose – G. Murphy
Champion Pigeon – Yellow M.F. Helmet Hen – T. MacDonald (RES. GRAND CHAMPION)
Reserve Pigeon – Black Portuguese Tumbler Cock – G. Murphy
Premier Exhibitor – J. Butler

Crapaud July 26 (for full results, click here):

Best Standard Cock – White Hamburg – T. MacDonald
Best Standard Hen – Golden Duckwing Modern Game – T. MacDonald
Best Bantam Cock – Barred Plymouth Rock – H. Bryanton (GRAND CHAMPION)
Best Bantam Hen – Black-Red Old English Game – J. Ludyka (RES. GRAND CHAMPION)
Best Pigeon Cock – Blue Saddle Homer – W. Trainor
Best Pigeon Hen – Red Show King – G. Murphy
Best Gander – Brown Chinese – N. Taylor
Best Goose – Brown African – G. Murphy
Best Drake – White Call – L. Taylor
Best Duck – Grey Mallard – B. Taylor
Best Tom – Bronze – G. Murphy
Best Hen – Black – G. Murphy

Other items:

-Help is needed for the set-up and tear-down at Old Home Week. If you can help, please contact the secretary. Also, there are times when people are needed to look after the poultry area. If you can help there, please let me know.

-Old Home Week exhibitors are reminded that you should be prepared to remove your entries on Wednesday night around 5:00.

-ATTENTION DUNDAS EXHIBITORS: The barn will be open to receive entries on Thursday evening until 9:00. The barn will be open no later than 9:00 PM and will open on Friday morning.

See you at the shows!

Trevor MacDonald



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