Posted by: jsuz2000 | June 19, 2014

Bulletin June 2014

Welcome to the June Bulletin!

A little late but a new puppy will distract a person!

Lots of interesting & useful items on this site: Pigeon Supplies

-Spring show results have been posted.

Upcoming Dates of Note:
June 23 (week) – Spring I.L.T. Vaccination
July 25 – Northumberland Fisheries Festival Poultry Show (Murray River)
July 26 – Crapaud Exhibition (Crapaud)

-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE: T-shirts – $13.00 and Crests – $4.00. Contact the secretary for items.

-For those who have not renewed their 2014-15 membership, this will be your last newsletter. Please send in your dues today.

-PLEASE submit your I.L.T. vaccination forms as soon as possible. Any chickens and related birds that will be shown this year must be vaccinated.

-Thank You to those who donated funds toward club trophies for the Spring Show: Hilton Bryanton, Joe & Jody MacIntyre, Jill Wood, Everett MacLellan, Leif Taylor, C & S Poultry, Garth Taylor, Blaine Taylor, James Butler, Rick Bell, Steve Webster, Martin Smith and Chucker`s Trophies & Awards.

-Thank You to all those who helped out with the Spring Show.

-A reminder that in order to get your birds vaccinated this year, you are required to have a Property Indentification Form on file with the Department of Agriculture. This form can be filled out and sent to the Department prior to vaccination time or can be given to the vaccination person at the time of the visit. If you submitted a form last year, you DO NOT have to submit a new form.

-The monthly meeting of the Prince Edward Island Purebred Poultry (Fanciers) Association was held on June 2 at the Atlantic Vet College in Charlottetown with 11 members present.

-As you can see, we had a very successful Spring Show. While we ran into some problem with the judging situation, everything worked out in the end.

Don’t forget to submit your ILT forms as soon as possible if you have birds to be done. I look forward to visiting the various places in the upcoming weeks.

Noted in the minutes of the meeting was the fact that next year will be our 30th Spring Show. We are already looking forward to it and some plans are already underway. Let’s hope it will be a great event when it comes around.

Trevor MacDonald,


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