Posted by: jsuz2000 | May 24, 2014

Bulletin May 2014

Welcome to the May bulletin!

News Article:
Lost pigeon finds owner at school

-The news that the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture is going to end the ILT program has certainly caught Maritime fanciers off guard. This program has been going for almost 40 years. It seems, however, that there is a desire to continue it here which is a good thing for everyone.

-The Spring Show is only a short time away. I hope everyone can make it out and enjoy the birds and the chance to visit with other fanciers.
As always, we are in need to volunteers to assist with various things which go on at the show. This, of course, also includes the tear down.

-Members are reminded to return all sold Cash Draw tickets to the Spring Show on May 18. The draw will take place that afternoon. Even if you don’t sell any, PLEASE at least buy some for yourself and help support the club. If every member even bought one book, the raffle would turn a profit!

-Your help is greatly appreciated and needed for the Spring Show. Set-up and tear-down require workers. Also, help is needed during the day of the show.

-A reminder to those who have not yet renewed their memberships that you must renew your membership in order to remain on the active members list. Please send in your membership today.

-WELCOME to the association is extended to Connor, Brooklyn.

-WELCOME to the association is extended to Samantha, Marshfield.

-Jeremy Ludyka, Hilton Bryanton, Leif & Noah Taylor, Brian MacInnis, Hal Perry, and Trevor MacDonald recently exhibited at the Valley Spring Show in Windsor, N.S. Several good wins were picked up.

-FOR SALE: Portuguese Tumblers and Classic Frills. Contact Steven Worth, New Annan 436-5633. 6/14

Trevor MacDonald,


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