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Bulletin January 2014

Welcome to the January bulletin, a little late this month but here it is!

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Editor’s note: Once again, the past year has been an event-filled one in the life of our association and the fancy in general. Here is a brief look back at what took place.

In January, Bill Ziehm from New York was confirmed as the judge for the Old Home Week show. The Winter Show was scheduled for March 2 at James and Donna Butler’s in Alliston. It was announced that the APA Provincial Meet for this year would be held at the Spring Show. It was reported that Leif Taylor had received his APA license.

On February 2, the club lost one of its original members with the passing of Frank J. Costello at the age of 91. Brian MacInnis was announced as the judge for the Winter Show. It was agreed to transport the show supplied for the Spring Show the same way as the previous year. Stephen Webster was nominated to judge the Bantam & Pigeon Show. Jill Wood reported that she had completed her accreditation for providing certificates for the exportation of birds to the U.S. It was mentioned at the meeting that the National Pigeon Association was now allowing doves to compete for champion pigeo at shows; it was agreed to make this change to our show rules.

March was the start of the show season on the Island with the 11th annual Winter Show taking place on March 2 James and Donna Butler’s. There were 123 birds shown and the grand champion was a White Call drake shown by Noah Taylor. An attempt was made to find a group that would take on the operation of a canteen for the Spring Show. Crapaud Exhibition made an increase to their prize money. It was announced that the Department of Agriculture was instituting a Livestock Property Identification Program.

The annual meeting and the Bantam & Pigeon Show were held in Murray River on April 6. There were 101 birds shown. Judge Steve Webster selected a Black Wyandotte hen shown by James Butler as grand champion. The executive from the previous year was returned to office. The club ended the year with 69 members. Brian MacInnis was nominated to judge the pigeon show at Old Home Week. It was announced that the cost of passes and general admission for Old Home Week was going to increase this year. Prize money for Old Home Week was also increased. Joe MacIntyre was granted a life membership by the association. It was agreed to invite a representative from 4-H to atted a future meeting to discuss possible ways to get more young people involved in showing poultry.

A chilly Saturday in May greeted exhibitors for the Spring Show in Borden-Carleton. A total of 351 birds were judged by Mark Camilleri and James Carson with Merle Watson from Nova Scotia taking top honors with a White Wyandotte bantam hen. Greg and Elana Oakes from Ontario were among the exhibitors at the show. Leigh Oliver won top prize in the Cash Draw for the second year in a row. The spring ILT program was scheduled for the week of June 24. The club made a donation to assist with Brian Court’s trip to Halifax for surgery. Members showed at the Valley Fanciers Spring Show in Winsdor, NS, and came away with a number of good placings.

The annual Spring I.L.T. Vaccination took place in June. Jackie Harlow from the Provincial 4-H office attended the meeting this month and a good discussion took place about getting young people to hopefully take the poultry project and get them involved in showing purebred poultry. Leif Taylor was nominated to judge the Crapaud Exhibition show. It was agreed not to be a sponsor of the Royal Winter Fair show this year.

As usual, the summer fair season got underway in July. The Northumberland Fisheries Festival show was held in Murray River on the 26th with Garth Taylor judging. The grand champion was a Barred Ice Pigeon hen shown by Trevor MacDonald. On the following day, judge Leif Taylor awarded top honours at the Crapaud Exhibition show to a S.C. Light Brown Leghorn bantam hen exhibited by Steve Webster.

The summer’s two largest Island fairs were held in August. At Old Home Week, the grand champion went to a Grey Call old female shown by Noah Taylor. At the Dundas Fair, Hilton Bryanton took the top prize with his White Plymouth Rock bantam hen; judge for the show was James Carson. The Egmont Bay-Mont Carmel Exhibition took place on the weekend before Labour Day. The judge for the show was Leif Taylor who awarded the grand champion to James Butler’s Black Wyandotte bantam cock. Early in August, two members showed at the Westmorland County Fair in New Brunswick and did well.

September brought the fair season to an end and saw the beginning of the fall shows. Due to repairs at the arena in Pictou, there was no Pictou County-North Colchester Exhibition this year. The directors of the Eastern Kings Exhibition in Souris had decided earlier in the year not to old an evet this year. At the Hants County Exhibition in N.S., Trevor MacDonald took grand champion with a Silver Spangled Hamburg hen. He also had Reserve Standard, Champion Bantam, and Reserve Bantam at Hants County. The N.B. Fall Show hosted the A.P.A. Canadian National Meet and this resulted in a very good show. Leif Taylor won the show with a Black East Indie. Several other top awards were won by Island members. The association once again sponsored the champion awards at the 4-H Rural Youth Fair which was held in Dundas.

The end of the local show season came in October with the 38th annual N.S. Fall Classic in Truro. Numbers were up and Island members did very well in the show. This included Hal Perry taking grand champion pigeon. The Department of Agriculture notified the association that those wishing to have birds vaccinated in the ILT program must now have their Property Identification Forms completed and submitted before the flock can be vaccinated. Judges for the Spring Show were nominated; Ramona Tromblay was contacted, but the cost was too high and Jamie Matts was unavailable.

The Royal Winter Fair opened on November 1 in Toronto; the poultry show was held on the 5th and 6th with Island exhibitors and members doing well. The fall ILT program was conducted.

At the meeting in December, members were informed that the first two names nominated to judge the Spring Show did not work out; Danny Padgett and Erik Nelson were nominated. The association was notified that the WestJet sponsorship at the Provincial Exhibition would not be available next year. As a result, there would be no flights available from the Exhibition to be used to bring judges in. James Carson was nominated to judge the 2014 Old Home Week show. Trevor MacDonald was named to remain as the association’s representative on the Old Home Week board. James Butler decided not to host the Winter Show in 2014. It was hoped that a new location could be found to hold the show. Many-times poultry judge at Old Home Week Charles Scranton passed away on December 11 at age 97.


-Cash Draw tickets will soon be available. This is an important fund-raiser. Please support it.

-Please note that we have a new home for this year’s Winter Show @ Carpenter’s Inc. in Kensington

-We finally got a January meeting in! You will note in the minutes that it was held on the 9th, not the 7th as planned. Monday looked like it might turn to freezing rain in the west. On Tuesday, Jim Butler and I started for Charlottetown and were forced to turn back because of whiteout condition on the roads. That meant another postponement. Finally, Wednesday was good!

-As you can see, we have a new home this year for the Winter Show. Plan to attend this show on March 8. Information will be in next month’s newsletter.

Trevor MacDonald, editor.


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