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Bulletin December 2013


The Royal Winter Fair staged another great poultry show this year. The purchase of 90 new goose cages made that part of the show look much nicer. The old pens were in rough shape and in need of being replaced. There were 904 birds shown this year which was an increase of 26 from last year. A total of five provinces were represented this year – Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

The judges for this year’s Royal were Pete Kortis, Queensville, Ont. (Standards & Guineas), James McPhail, Georgetown, Ont. (Bantams), Don Roscoe, Kasota, Minnesota (Waterfowl & Turkeys), and Charlie Power, Petersburg, Ont. (Pigeons).

A Silver Spangled Hamburg cockerel shown by Trevor MacDonald was the Champion Continental as well as the winner of the Roy J. Messervy Memorial Trophy for Champion Young Standard. Trevor’s Silver Spangled Hamburg pullet was the Reserve Continental. Steve Webster had the Reserve Feather Leg Bantam with his Salmon Faverolle pullet.

As usual, a number of birds were brought back to the Island from the show. Hopefully they will make it through the winter and appear at next year’s shows.


S T A N D A R D S:
BARRED PLYMOUTH ROCK: 3k, 2p Greg Oakes.
CHANTECLER: 1,2c, 1,2h, 1-BOB-2k, 1,2p G. Oakes.
SILVER SPANGLED HAMBURG: 1-BOB-k, 1p Trevor MacDonald.
A.O.V. HAMBURG: 1k,1p T. MacDonald.

B A N T A M S:
JAPANESE: 1h, 1k, 1-BOB-p
WHITE PLYMOUTH ROCK: 2,3p Steve Webster.
HAMBURG: 2c, 2h T. MacDonald.
CHANTECLER: 1c, 1h, 3k, 1p T. MacDonald; 1-BOB-2k G. Oakes.
A.O.V. A.O.C.C.L.: 1c, 1h,1-BOB-k, lp T. MacDonald.
LIGHT BRAHMA: 1-BOB-c, 1h, 1k, lp S. Webster.
A.O.V. FEATHER LEG: 1c, 1h, 1k, 1-BOB-p S. Webster.

D U C K S:
PEKIN: 3ym, 3,4yf Doug King*.
BUFF: 1ym D. King.
CAYUGA: 2,3om, 3ym Elana Oakes.
GREY CALL: 2om E. Oakes.

G E E S E:
POMERANIAN: 3om, 2of G. Oakes.

T U R K E Y S: BRONZE: 2om G Oakes.

P I G E O N S:
FLYING ROLLER: 2c, 2h T. MacDonald.
ICE PIGEON: 3c, 3h T. MacDonald. A.O.C.
MOOKEE: 1c, 1-BOB-h Jeremy Ludyka.
RACING HOMER: 1,2c, 3h J. Ludyka. A.O.V.: 4c J. Ludyka.

*Island exhibitor, non-member

-In the event that a winter meeting should be cancelled due to poor weather, the cancellation will be announced over CFCY and Ocean 100 radio stations. If you do not hear a cancellation on the radio and think there is a possibility that a meeting may be cancelled, give the secretary a call, 962-3307.

-WELCOME to the association is extended to Emma from Pictou, Nova Scotia.

-WELCOME to the association is extended to Brenda from Upton, PE.

-A reminder that the Property Indetification Forms which have become policy of the Department of Agriculture only have to be submitted once. If you happen to receive one and have already submitted your form to the Department, simply ignore it.

As I put the final touches on this month’s newsletter, it does not seem like winter yet … thankfully. Before long we will be carrying water through the snow to our barns.

It is hard to believe that another year is only a few weeks away from being over. Time once again has flown by. This is been a year of ups and downs for me in the hobby, but in the end I am still enjoying keeping and showing poultry.

I wish to extend a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all.

Trevor MacDonald,


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