Posted by: jsuz2000 | September 7, 2013

Bulletin September 2013

Welcome to the September bulletin!

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As I finish off this month’s newsletter, it is 8:00 PM on a Tuesday evening. A glance out the window shows that it is almost dark! What happened to our bright evenings?? I guess it is another sign that the summer has passed by and the fall season is not far off.

The summer fairs are all finished. We had a series of good shows. It is unfortunate that there will be no show in Souris this year. Hopefully, the Eastern Kings Exhibition will be back operating in 2014. The other loss for some of us this year was on the mainland with no exhibition being held in Pictou. This fair was cancelled due to construction at the fairgrounds. They have full intentions of being back on the go next year.

Old Home Week continues to provide some challenges. Some difficulties arose this year with the management of Red Shores. All I ask is that exhibitors understand and work with those of us who are trying our best to put on a show for everyone to exhibit at.

While on the topic of Old Home Week, I must once again express my thanks to the volunteers who helped with the set up and tear down of the show. Without these people, the show could not be held. We were fortunate enough to have the help of some young men who were not even showing birds! They, and the others who helped, did so completely on a VOLUNTEER basis. No one, including yours truly, got anything for the work. While I do work for the exhibition, I do not clock hours during that time.

The other fairs around the Island are also operated by volunteers. Without the many, many community-minded people who provide their time and talents to organize these fairs, there would be no events to show at. We should always keep that in mind and thank them for their efforts when we see them.

Also, The latest show results have been posted.

Trevor MacDonald,


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