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Bulletin December 2012

Here we are into December yet again. This has been a good year in the life of our association. We continue to have a steady membership. As we look back over the year, our show numbers were good. One of the highlights of the year was the 125th anniversary show of the Provincial Exhibition. The entry was around 500 birds. Another highlight was the 10th year for the Winter Show.

It was good to get out and see some of our members as I worked through the recent fall I.L.T. vaccination. Thank you to those for arranging times for me to visit.


A successful poultry show at the Royal Winter Fair was held on November 6 and 7. Once again, the show was held in the Ring of Excellence. Thousands of people viewed the birds over the two days that they were on exhibit. In total, 878 birds were shown. This is an increase of two from the previous year. The Royal has become known for the turkey show and this year did not disappoint as 55 turkeys in all the recognized colours were shown.

The judges for this year’s Royal were William Shrum, Smithville, Ont. (Standards), Mark Camilleri, Cambridge, Ont. (Bantams), Graham Hicks, England (Waterfowl, Turkeys, and Guineas), and Norm Saito, Brantford, Ont. (Pigeons).

Two wins of note were credited to Island exhibitors. Trevor MacDonald took Champion Any Other Comb Clean Leg Bantam with a Wheaten Malay hen. Doug King had Reserve Medium Duck on a Buff young female.

As usual, a number of birds were brought back to the Island from the show. Hopefully they will make it through the winter and appear at next year’s shows.

Results are as follows:

S T A N D A R D S:
A.O.V. PLYMOUTH ROCK: 1c, 1h Trevor MacDonald.
A.O.V. HAMBURG: 1p T. MacDonald.
B A N T A M S:
WHITE PLYMOUTH ROCK: 2h Jeremy Ludyka.
S.C. LIGHT BROWN LEGHORN: lk, lp Steve Webster.
RHODE ISLAND RED: 3k, 3p Doug King*; 2p T. MacDonald.
HAMBURG: 1c, 1-BOB-h, 1p T. MacDonald.
A.O.V. WYANDOTTE: 1c, 1h, 1k, 1p S. Webster.
CHANTECLER: 1-BOB-c, 1h, 1k, 1p T. MacDonald.
A.O.V. A.O.C.C.L.: 2c, 1-BOB-h,1k, lp T. MacDonald.
LIGHT BRAHMA: 1k, lp S. Webster.
A.O.V. FEATHER LEG: 1k, 1-BOB-p S. Webster.
D U C K S:
PEKIN: 1om, 2of, 3ym Doug King.
BUFF: 2,3ym, 1-BOB-yf D. King.
A.O.V.: 1-BOB-om J. Ludyka.
P I G E O N S:
CHINESE OWL: 1-BOB-c T. MacDonald.
FLYING ROLLER: 2h T. MacDonald.
ICE PIGEON: 2c, 3h T. MacDonald.
JACOBIN: 1-BOB-c, 1h S. Webster.
GAZZI MODENA: 2c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald.
MOOKEE: 1-BOB-c, 1h S. Webster.
RACING HOMER: 2c, 1-BOB-h T. MacDonald.
*Island exhibitor, non-member


January 7 – NEXT MEETING (Atlantic Vet College, Charlottetown, 7:30). Use main entrance.

-CLUB ITEMS FOR SALE: T-shirts – $13.00 and Crests – $4.00. Contact the secretary for items. It is not too late to get some for Christmas gifts.

-In the event that a winter meeting should be cancelled due to poor weather, the cancellation will be announced over CFCY and Ocean 100 radio stations. If you do not hear a cancellation on the radio and think there is a possibility that a meeting may be cancelled, give the secretary a call, 962-3307.

As we look forward to 2013, I hope that it will be as successful as this past year has been.

Best wishes to one and all for the Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Trevor MacDonald,



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