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Bulletin October 2012

Here we are into October. The days are certainly shorter. Soon those frosty days will be all too common!

***Note that there will be no meeting in November.

-Exhibitors from our club had a good showing at the Hants County Exhibition in Windsor, N.S., in September. Trevor MacDonald had Champion Standard (Silver Spangled Hamburg hen), Reserve Standard (Partridge Plymouth Rock hen), Champion Bantam (S.C. Rhode Island Red hen), and Reserve Bantam (Black-Red Malay cock). Gordon Murphy had the Reserve Goose with a Brown African goose.

-Island members once again had a very successful showing at the N.B. Fall Show in Petitcodiac. A number of top awards were won by our members.

-The Fall ILT vaccination program will be done the week of November 19.

-The secretary provided a report on the numbers at this summer’s fairs and exhibitions. The following was reported: Northumberland was up 15, Crapaud was up 35, Old Home Week was up 48, Dundas was up 3, Egmont Bay was up 73, and Eastern Kings was up 17. This is a positive sign. It was good to see these shows well supported.

-At the end of the month, I will once again be off to the Royal Winter Fair. This is a special year for me at the Royal as it will be my 30th consecutive year showing in Toronto.

Here is a list of the Island winners at the Pictou County Exhibition:

S T A N D A R D S:
A.O.V. PLYMOUTH ROCK: 1c, 1h Trevor MacDonald.
RHODE ISLAND RED: 1,2c, 1h Gordon Murphy.
AUSTRALORP: 1c, 2h Lorina Murphy.
COCHIN: 1h L. Murphy; 2,3h G. Murphy.
SILVER SPANGLED HAMBURG: 1,2c, 1,2h T. MacDonald.
A.O.V. HAMBURG: 1,2,3c, 1,2,3h, 1p T. MacDonald.
A.O.V.: 1,2c, 1h, 2k T. MacDonald.
OLD STANDARD TRIO: 2. T. MacDonald (Silver Spangled Hamburgs).

B A N T A M S:
BLACK COCHIN: 2,3c, 2,3h James Butler.
BRAHMA: 1c, 1h J. Butler.
HAMBURG: 1,2,3c, 1,2,3h T. MacDonald.
WHITE PLYMOUTH ROCK: 3c, 3h T. MacDonald.
ROSECOMB: 1c, 1,2,3h T. MacDonald.
WHITE WYANDOTTE: 3c, 3h J. Butler.
BLACK WYANDOTTE: 1,2c, 1,2h J. Butler.
A.O.V. WYANDOTTE: 2,3c, 2,3h J. Butler.
RHODE ISLAND RED: 1,2,3c, 1,2,3h T. MacDonald.
WHITE LEGHORN: 1c, 1,2h T. MacDonald.
JAPANESE: 1,2,3c, 1,2,3h T. MacDonald.
A.O.V. CLEAN LEG: 1,2c, 2,3h T. MacDonald.
BANTAM TRIO: 2. J. Butler (Barred Plymouth Rocks); 3. T. MacDonald (Golden Pencilled Hamburgs).

G E E S E:
AFRICAN: 2m, 1f G. Murphy.
TOULOUSE: 1m, 2f L. Murphy.
EMBDEN: 1m, 2f G. Murphy; 1f L. Murphy. W
HITE CHINESE: 1m, 1f L. Murphy; 2m, 2f G. Murphy.
BROWN CHINESE: 1m, 1f G. Murphy.
A.O.V.: 1m, 1f G. Murphy.

D U C K S:
ROUEN: 1m, 1f G. Murphy; 2m, 2f L. Murphy.
WHITE CALL: 1m, 1f J. Butler.
A.O.V. CALL: 1m, 1f J. Butler.
WHITE MUSCOVY: 1m L. Murphy.

Best Gander – White Chinese – L. Murphy
Best Goose – White Chinese – L. Murphy
Best Drake – White Muscovy – L. Murphy (Champion Waterfowl)

Judge – John Robt. MacLeod


Trevor MacDonald,



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