Posted by: jsuz2000 | February 18, 2012

Bulletin February 2012

The 10th Annual Winter Show (members only) will be held on March 3 in Alliston.

Arrival: Before 10:00 A.M.

Departure: After judging is completed and awards are presented.

Entry fee: $1.00 per entry and $5.00 for lunch. Fees to be sent with entry.

Birds will be placed from first to fourth. A Best of Breed will be selected in each breed. Ribbons will be available upon request.

Trophies will be awarded for Champion and Reserve Standard, Bantam, Duck, and Pigeon. Trophies will also be awarded for the Grand Champion of the Show and the Champion Junior Exhibit.

If you wish to come for the show and stay for lunch, but do not plan to show, please send your $5.00 by the closing date of entries. We need to know how many to prepare for.

Entries close February 21, 2012.

Send all entries to: Trevor MacDonald, P.O. Box 31, Murray River, P.E.I. C0A 1W0.

Chickens must be vaccinated for I.L.T. and banded.

Birds will be left in their carrying boxes until they are called to be judged. After the class is judged, birds will return to their boxes.

Colours will be judged together unless there are four or more of a recognized colour shown. In this case, a colour class will be made.

A 50/50 draw will take place during the day.

Judge – Stephen Webster – All classes
(Additional judge may be added if necessary)


The dates for Eastern Kings Exhibition and the Royal Winter Fair Poultry Show have not been listed yet. Eastern Kings is uncertain of their show dates. The Royal may be looking at having the poultry show on a different date than in past years. Details will be listed as soon as available.


A warm welcome to the Association is extended to Tom, Wyatt, and Coy T. of Mainstream, NB. Also, to Judy B. of PE.


We certainly have not had much of a winter so far. There has been minimal snow and few cold days. Nothing to complain about! Sure makes it better for those trying to get hens to lay for those early chicks.

As you will notice in the newsletter, we are soon approaching the start of the show season with the upcoming Winter Show. This is always a nice show and a good time. Hope you can make it out for the day.

Trevor MacDonald


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